All About MOT Testing

Ever wondered what is involved in an MOT? They’ve been a feature of British motoring since 1960 but they’ve changed a great deal from those early inspections. What happens when you book your car in for an MOT today? Read on to discover more about what’s involved.

What’s an MOT?

An MOT is an annual car inspection needed for all vehicles that are aged three or more. In fact, there are numerous individual checks that take place during an MOT covering everything from the seatbelts to the emission level. As such, your car will undergo many safety checks to ensure you, your passengers and other road users remain safe when you’re out and about on the road.

How Long Do MOTs Take?

An MOT procedure usually takes no longer than an hour. In some cases, you can expect the inspections to be over within 45 minutes or so. It just depends on the queue at the test centre and the speed of the mechanic who will be undertaking each test. Reserve a date for an MOT at Elite London Centre. Doing so is easy and means that your car will be processed on time for you while you wait. Alternatively, drop it off and come back at a time later in the day that suits you.

How Much is an MOT?

Prices vary because accredited test centres have some freedom in how much they can charge for each MOT they carry out. The maximum fee the government allows is £54.85 for cars. That said, this price is beyond what many of the most reputable MOT inspectors charge. In London, you should pay no more than about £45 for a properly accredited inspection. Note that some car servicing centres will offer a bundled price for an MOT and a service if you choose to have them done on the same day. Always ask how much the MOT element of such a service will be charged for so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Why Might My Car Fail?

Just one thing wrong with your car can cause it to fail an MOT. If the inspection finds it is not roadworthy, then a failure can be automatic. Most failures are down to suspension, lights or tyres, all things that should be relatively easy to spot before you book your car in for an inspection. Simply by carrying out straightforward maintenance, you can enhance the chances that your car will pass first time.


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