AIGMarkets.com Reviews 2022: My Personal Know-How of aigmarkets.com

With my whole family invested in the digital market, I decided to enter the trading world 3 years ago. In the beginning I was unaware of the complexities associated with the trading market. It was when I joined not-so-good broker, as it was concerned with only making profit for itself and not suitable for its clients. I had a very bad experience with them, however, despite having doubts about trading, I was still attracted to it.  I was aware that this market can provide reasonable profits if used correctly. So, I developed a new quest to look for a new broker for me. After my discussing with my family, I started my research for a new platform with multiple tradable assets and an educational center to enhance my trading skills.

However, the process was not easy and took a long time, but as I was determined, I managed to find AIG Markets. I read many reviews, explored many websites, and performed detailed research. AIG Markets was the only broker that sparked my curiosity. It had all my desired features with good client reviews. I created an account with them, and since then, my dark days of trading have been over. I have been working as a client with them for about ten months now. Forex trading is now fun for me, and I have been very successful in earning profits because of the training and guidance my AIG market provided me. In my AIG Markets Reviews, I will mention all the services that have molded me to reach this success only in 10 months. I would not say this platform is perfect, and you will not face inconvenience during your experience. In my AIG Markets Reviews, I have mentioned those factors I believe need improvement, although I never had any serious problem with them as the support team was always there to guide me on every step.


I will start my AIG Markets Reviews with the registration process.


What is the registration process of AIG Markets?

The registration process, to my surprise, was very simple. AIG Markets has only three easy steps to be followed for registration. To create my account, I went to their official website and clicked on the ‘Open an Account’ option. A form opened where I was required to fill in some mandatory details. After adding my name, e-mail, and phone number, I set up the password. With a single click on the submit button, I had a brand new account in front of me. I was not asked for any registration fee and was free to start trading right away. If you decide to sign up but happen to face some problems, DON’T WORRY! The support team is available to help. They can be contacted through e-mail, phone calls, or live chat on the site.


Is the customer service of AIG Markets good?

The customer service of AIG Markets is exceptionally good. The support team is available 24/5, but that has never been an issue for me during my experience. Whenever I encountered a problem, I got a response from the support team within 24-hours. Be it a trading platform assistance or a complaint, all I needed was to submit a question form with my name, e-mail, and message. The support team contacted me in a day with a detailed and informative reply. Moreover, they never made me feel that I was asking any stupid questions, which I believe deserves to be praised.




How many accounts does AIG Markets offer to its customers?

AIG Markets have four different account offers for its clients. Each account is made specifically to meet the needs of investors and traders with different backgrounds and expectations. There are three currencies clients can open their accounts. I chose the USD from EUR, USD, and GBP. I got notified that I won’t be able to change the currency after my registration, and I had no objection. I paid a $250 minimum deposit to open the basic account, and so far, I have upgraded my account to a Gold account. I want to mention that no matter what account, all clients have access to trade over 200 assets.

  1. Basic:

It is the account that requires the minimum deposit to register. I used this account for two weeks as I was not provided with my account manager.

  1. Silver:

The Silver account has a minimum deposit of $10,000, and the account holder gets a personal account manager. I was guided by my manager, and I would not hesitate to say that he was one of the primary reasons I became a successful trader. I got access to monthly webinars as well.

  1. Gold:

To upgrade to a Gold account, I deposited $25,000. I got weekly access to webinars with level 2 withdrawal prioritization and private analyst sessions.

  1. Platinum:

It is the VIP account that demands a $100,000 minimum deposit. Platinum account users have complete access to all the services and facilities of the AIG Market. I am planning to upgrade my account to this level in the next month.


How is the trading platform of AIG Markets? Is it user-friendly?

In my AIG Markets Reviews, I would add the trading platform among the remarkable services of AIG Markets. The trading platform provides a space for traders to carry out their trading and so is visited often. I was not required to install any software to access the AIG Markets platform. It is web-based. I was able to easily access this platform on all of my devices with a stable internet connection. The colors on the platform are very eye-catching. The red shows the fall of a price, and the green color indicates the rising of the price. My mood always brightened up seeing green color even when the price had nothing to do with my assets. The AIG Markets platform is user-friendly, and it saved me space on my device, which seemed like a deal to me.


Do AIG Markets provide education to its clients?

Yes! AIG Markets provide free education to its clients. The website has many EBooks for both clients, experienced and beginners. The ebooks provided cover all the topics that one might need to understand to begin and carry out forex trading. During my experience, I found the books very informative. All I needed was to open the book, and my doubts would be clear.


Is there a variety of tradeable assets on AIG Markets?

AIG Markets provide access to more than 200 tradable assets to its users. I found this facility very beneficial and got a chance to enter the new world of all types of trading assets. My previous broker allowed only two assets trading, and I feel very thankful for I have changed my broker. This broker platform offers trading of all financial assets, including Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and Indices. This service has expanded my expertise in the digital industry.



Do I have any suggestions?

With all these excellent features, I would like to mention some suggestions in my AIG Markets Reviews or some of the negative aspects of this broker that some people might find problematic.

  1. Mobile App:

The first suggestion I would like to mention is the availability of a Mobile App. AIG Markets do not offer a mobile app for its users to trade via mobile phones. Some people prefer trading through apps, so it would be a great initiative for the broker to attract new traders.

However, I have not felt the need to use an app for trading as I was able to access the AIG Markets platform on my mobile phone using the internet, as it is web-based.

  1. Minimum Deposit Fee:

The minimum deposit fee to open an account on the platform is $250. This might seem a huge amount for some clients to use in a risky industry. Some traders cannot afford this amount. I would propose for the broker to lower the minimum deposit and allow inexperienced traders to create accounts.

  1. Video Tutorials:

I found the education center of the forex trader as an excellent feature. Moreover, it is free of cost for clients to avail themselves. But, it does not have video tutorials, and I believe it would be perfect for AIG Markets to introduce this service as well. The Ebooks require time to read them. Meanwhile, videos do not take as much time, and they are easier to understand as well.



I will conclude my AIG Markets Reviews with a Good Luck wish to you in your quest to find a perfect broker for you.

I am hopeful that after writing, you have an image in your mind of whether this broker is the one for you or not. If you have chosen this platform for you, I would propose you do your research and read as many reviews as you can before your further step.


Disclaimer: This review article is based on my self-knowledge and personal opinions. It is not a recommendation.

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