Activities to do throughout the winter

Keeping kids entertained in the colder months can feel like an impossible task. It doesn’t help when we as adults would also rather be under a blanket and eating popcorn in front of a film. Spending time in front of the TV with our kids can feel like quality time, however, when every day seems like a rainy day, it might be an opportunity to shake things up a bit.

Mountain biking
While this might not be entirely suited to rainy weather, it certainly survives the brisker months. Renting bikes with the family is a fast and fun way to explore your local countryside and keep everyone active. Unlike a meander through the countryside, cycling gets your hearts pumping faster, so you’ll still be warm whatever the weather. If you’d prefer to buy your own mountain bike & select custom parts, check out

The beach
The beach truly doesn’t lose its appeal after summer. Once the heat and sunshine disappear, it’s often assumed that the beach is just full of adventurous surfers and regular dog walkers. Beaches keep their beauty all year round, and so going to a beach walk is still just as relaxing and refreshing as it is in the summer. Wrapping up warm and heading indoors for a cup of coffee or cocoa afterward is the perfect way to reward yourselves for braving the wind getting out into the fresh sea air.

The best winter beaches in the UK are:

  • Horsey, Norfolk
  • Looe, Cornwall
  • Embleton Bay, Northumberland
  • Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

Trampoline parks
If braving the cold weather doesn’t appear to you or the kids, then trampoline parks are a happy compromise. For kids who are a little too old to attend adventure playgrounds, trampoline parks also make for a happy go-between, as they cater for a vast age range. If you’re looking to get a little money off the entire family going, there are plenty of voucher websites offering great voucher codes for activities.

Going out for a big meal
It’s easy to hibernate and stay in throughout the winter – and there’s always a good time to have some home-cooked winter favourites. However, getting the family out for a big meal ensures that everyone appreciates the time they spend with each other. Making a special occasion of your evenings means that everyone feels motivated to chat, laugh and make the most of what feels like shorter days.

Going to see a show
In the same vein as going out for a big meal, having your entertainment sorted after dinner makes the kids look forward to their evening, irrespective of how cold it is. Going to see a musical, a comedian or even a play is likely to keep you talking on the way home. Picking a show that you haven’t heard of can also open up some new avenues of curiosity and even point you in the direction of a different genre to consider.

The days are gradually getting longer, but sadly the weather is still on the chilly side. Reserving time to go out with your family ensures that you don’t get sick of looking at the same four walls or hiding in your respective rooms. 

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