A shopaholic’s guide to stylish home organisation

Love buying clothes, kitchen utensils and crockery or stationery? You may be wondering what the best way to store and organise everything is, and do we have some tips for you. We’re going to reveal the best ways to store things in three key rooms in your home, while keeping it stylish and sleek.


If you love buying clothes and accessories you probably have a wardrobe bursting at the seams. There are some great ways to organise your bedroom without sacrificing your home’s style. A divan bed is one of the best ways to have style and storage combined in one. With Divan Beds Centre you can get a bed with classic drawers or ones which slide to save even more space. Divans are perfect for storing seasonal clothes, so all of your jumpers during summer and your holiday swimwear during winter can have a home when they’re not needed.

And it’s not just clothes which need to be organised; shoes need a place to call home too. Depending on their shape and size, shoes can be tricky to get organised neatly. One solution is to invest in a built-in wardrobe organiser where your shoes are given the same attention as your clothes. While this hides them away behind closed doors, it can be a bit more expensive. One cost-effective storage option is to have a simple shoe rack on the back of your bedroom door. It uses otherwise wasted space – leaving more room in the wardrobe for your clothes.


Have you reached that part in your life where you get excited about buying a new set of pans? It happens to us all. A great way to store these is by hanging them. It frees up lots of space in the cupboards and drawers and prevents them from getting damaged due to stacking on top of each other (pans can be expensive to replace). You can hang them on the wall, overhead, or even under an island/breakfast bar.

You can also get creative when storing kitchen knives. A magnetic strip along the back of the worktop is a brilliant, easy and convenient way to store carving knives. It can even be used for pan lids.


Whether you have a full office or a workspace in the dining room, there are some brilliant ways to organise your office area. Boxes should be your best friend – every stationery addict knows this. You can have a range of different boxes one filled with notepads, one filled with pens and highlighters and one filled with sticky notes and other accessories.

You don’t have plain cardboard boxes either, you can have mirrored boxes or nice rustic baskets. Desk draw organisers are another great way to organise your office. These are discrete and a brilliant way to keep things such as phone chargers and headphones neat. Drawer organisers aren’t just for the office either, you can use them in the kitchen (for utensils) and the bedroom (for socks and underwear) too.

Being a shopaholic doesn’t mean having to have a disorganised home. There are some simple and stylish ways to store everything you love to buy, keeping your home looking amazing.

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