A beginner’s guide to Uber Eats

Ever had the sudden urge to eat a sumptuous meal but you’re too lazy to go out? Uber Eats is a unique service that delivers good food straight to your doorstep. This app contains a plethora of restaurants around your region.

If you feel like ordering out, Uber Eats gives you the option to choose any particular cuisine from restaurants around you. The food is then delivered to your house.

Uber Eats enhances the way food is delivered, all at an affordable price. You can get this amazing $15 Uber Eats promo code when you order for the first time.

Here is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to Uber Eats:

  1. How it works

The UberEats application can be downloaded straight to your apple or android device via your respective app store. Once downloaded, you can browse through a wide variety of restaurants and eateries around you. There’s also the option of scrolling through different dishes and choosing what you’re in the mood for. Simply add to cart when you spot a meal you like.

Ordering your food is a piece of cake. You only have to click on the “Place Order” prompt and wait for some minutes as the food is prepared and delivered. But before you order, view your address on the UberEats app and check the projected time of delivery. Also notice the total cost of your order, including the delivery charges and the total tax.

If you’re satisfied with everything, then go ahead and place your order. The charges will be automatically debited from your card, eliminating the inconvenience of paying with cash. Another impressive perk of ordering food using Uber Eats is the fact that you can track the progress of your order. Once your choice restaurant spots your request, they immediately start preparing your food. Once it’s almost done, an Uber partner operating nearby heads towards the restaurant to collect the ready food and consequently deliver it to your precise location. He/she can either be on a scooter, a bike or in a car.

  1. UberEats Pricing Structure

When this idea was conceived, Uber charged a flat delivery fee of around $4.99 on all orders. However, they now charge based on your exact distance from the restaurant you ordered from. The farther the distance, the costlier the delivery charges. This change in pricing has boosted Uber’s service delivery, allowing the company to compete with a range of other food delivery services.

Apart from food, you can also order your favorite beverages from nearby cafes. We all have that go-to meal that excites our taste buds and calms our wild cravings. Some individuals love a meaty burger with French fries on the side. Others prefer healthier options such as vegetable salads. Whatever your preference might be, UberEats can deliver well-prepared meals to your doorstep using their user-friendly app that’s easy to use.

The outstanding promo code from Uber Eats is offering new customers a $15 discount on their first order. It’s a pretty intriguing offer that you should take advantage of. After all, you should make hay while the sun shines.

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