7 Ways to Wear Jewellery This Winter

Winter is full of reasons to wear jewellery. There’s Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. Then there’s the best excuse of all which is chasing away the winter blahs with something sparkly and new. If you’ve been searching for gifts for wife, look no further. No matter your (or her) style, you’ll discover something to love. Read on to learn 7 trendy ways to wear jewellery this winter.

1. Parade Your Pearls

Pearls add instant sophistication to any ensemble. Pearls are a classic, which is especially relevant during a crisis. At times of uncertainty, we look toward things we trust. Expect to see all different types of pearls, such as Keshi and dark, exotic Tahitian pearls, and in a wide range of silhouettes and colours. Minimalist drop earrings and bold baroque statement necklaces are equally gorgeous and all trending this winter. Whether your taste is sleek and streamlined or organic and edgy, you can’t go wrong with pearls.

2. Go Bold with Gold

Chunky gold chains are hot in this cold season. Ideal for brightening up Zoom meetings, a range of shapes are trending here as well, including oval links, elongated rectangles and entwined styles. Gold chains are making their way into every fashion category. Earrings may shift and shimmer or be welded into static hoops. Bracelets might be architectural or based on infinity knots. Necklaces will vary from eye-catching chokers to ultra-long and swingy. Also popular this season are chain belts and handbags.

3. Dazzle with Diamonds

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend. Sparkling bib collars and chandelier-style earrings will brighten up your winter days and nights. Stacked diamond eternity bands offer more ways to bundle up with the bling. For the minimalists out there, a diamond tennis bracelet adds elegant sparkle without hype.

4. Get Mystical with Crystals

Crystals are double-duty decorations. They enhance your external appearance while giving a boost to your inner spirit. You can wear crystals simply because they match your outfit, or you can target the energy where it’s needed. Improve self-confidence and communication skills by wearing an aquamarine, turquoise or lapis lazuli choker over the throat chakra. Fact is, rose quartz is a general-purpose healer. Use to to chase away all sorts of negative emotions including fear, anger and self-pity.

5. Convey with Charms

Charms are a bit like chocolate: you always want more. Charms have long been used as symbols of love, luck and spirituality, all of which we need now more than ever. You may choose to convey your unique personality via a single necklace which you keep adding charms to, or you might prefer multiple chains of varying lengths each carrying a single charm. For those who prefer to keep their emblems on the down low, a charm bracelet (or multiples) are an alternative. Mix crystals with charms for added impact, both visually and energetically.

6. Cherish Your Time(piece)

We’re being more thoughtful about our purchases these days, and investing in a classic watch that can be handed down feels as good as it looks. A jewel-like gold or two-tone bracelet style watch is perfect to enjoy now and eventually become a family heirloom, while a leather band is another classic that works for everyday and minimalists.

7. Do a Loop-de-Loop

Hoops never really go out of style, and this winter, organic shapes and textures are all the rage. Designers are playing with details as there really is no end to the possibilities and variations on this classic theme. Mixed metals, twisted, doubles, bold statement or classic and sleek, hoops are a winner this winter.

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