7 Public Places in the North to Meet Someone New After Your Divorce

Divorce can be hard, particularly when the process has been lengthy. In this article, we’re going to provide you with seven public places in the North to meet someone new after your divorce.

 Meeting someone new is exciting, particularly after you have been through a tough divorce and are ready to move on with your life. A Loughborough, London, or Lincoln divorce lawyer can take the stress of divorce away so that you can focus on the next steps of your life, such as getting out there and meeting potential love interests.


Getting off the dating apps and physically meeting in person is thrilling but also nerve wracking. Remember, your own safety should always be your number one priority when meeting with a stranger. You should always ensure that a close friend or relative is aware of your whereabouts, alongside doing protective measures, such as meeting in a public area.


So, if you have all this covered, keep on reading to discover seven public places in the North to meet someone new after your divorce.


1.   A Picnic and a Walk in the Park


Finding the perfect first date can be daunting, especially when you want to ensure that you are in a safe area with other people present in case your date ends up being a total creep.


If you are meeting in the daytime, a stroll through the park could be the perfect first date idea, especially if it is a sunny day. You could even extend the date by bringing a picnic and finding a spot to chat, soak up the sun and eat some delicious goodies.


Or, if a picnic isn’t for you and either or both of you own a dog, you could make it into a dog walk date. What’s better than bonding over dogs?


2.   Discover a Cute Coffee Shop


One of the easiest but simplest places for meeting someone new is a coffee shop, especially if you both enjoy a warm cup of tasty coffee. You might both have your favourite coffee shops where you live. Perhaps you can both try each other’s favourite shops and compare the two.


If you’re lucky enough to be living in the beautiful county of Yorkshire, you’re in for some luck as it’s known to have some of the top coffee in the UK. Let’s not forget that they’re located in some of the cutest little cafes ideal for a first date.


3.   Glide Through an Art Gallery


Share your love of art with a stroll around one of the many galleries in the North, and you might even stumble across a funky or classic exhibition. The Manchester Art Gallery has previously done a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, so you might be lucky enough to see a classic piece of art from a famous name you recognise at this gallery. There are so many galleries to choose from, not only in Manchester but all across the North of England.


4.   Be Two Bookworms in the Library


A library is a bookworm’s dream date. It’s the perfect place to browse through your favourite genres and find your type of book, and you may bump into someone who shares the same interests to you along the way. What better way start to the perfect love story?


If you’ve chosen a library to enjoy an actual first date, however, we wouldn’t recommend using this time to read. Getting your head stuck into a book whilst on a date might prevent you from getting to know them or even getting a second date. Instead, you could take it in turns to read to one another in a comfy corner or pick out your selected books and head onto one of our other suggested locations.


5.   Booze Around Some Bars


A simplistic idea for a public meeting could be by exploring different bars in your city or town. If you’re both into alcohol, chatting over a selection of different beers, wine or even cocktails could make the conversation really flow. A little bit of alcohol never hurt anyone, except for in the morning…


Liverpool is well known for its great nightlife, with many quirky bars throughout the city. Although it might seem strange to head out on your own to enjoy a tipple, once the alcohol starts flowing, you’re sure to meet someone new and get a conversation going.


6.   Watch a Sporting Event


Heading to a game on your own is the perfect place to meet someone with at least one similar interest to you. Not only can you enjoy the game itself, but heading to the bars before and after make for plenty of opportunity to meet someone new.


It’s also the perfect first date spot too; perhaps their tinder profile let on that they’re a massive sports fan. If you can relate to that, watching a sporting event could be a fun first date idea, surrounded by hundreds or thousands of other fans.


7.   Hit Some Thrift Stores


Who doesn’t love a bit of shopping, especially when it’s saving the planet, helping charity, and cheap for you too! Heading to your local thrift or charity shop could be such a fun day, and might make for the perfect place to meet a fellow bargain-hunter.


Once you’ve bonded over your love of sustainable clothing, you could pick out crazy outfits for one another, but also learn about their style of clothes, sense of humour, and more, while you’re at it. A great date, plus some awesome new pieces. Win, win, am I right?



Meeting Someone in Public Can Be Fun


There are so many public places where you can meet a stranger in the North and feel comfortable knowing you’re safe whilst enjoying the first date after your divorce.


Our list could go on and on, with some truly bizarre suggestions, for instance running a marathon together, doing a sushi making class, going to a festival, or singing in karaoke together.


If you really want to throw yourself into the dating world and move on with your life, go out of your comfort zone and do something different.


What’s the craziest date you’ve been on? Are you still seeing that person now? Let us know in the comments below.


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