7 Most Common Blackjack Myths– Exposed!

1700 France, Vingt-et-un; did any French casino predict their ‘twenty-one’ would someday become a popular online casino game? Probably not.

What began in shady, dark places with debatable origins has suffered a fair share of challenges. Being an unpopular game in the US, it gained popular votes first. And, to tell you a secret, dealers bribed payouts to players for playing just one game. Strange, but true.

The bribe episode went on for some time until Blackjack finally became a well-loved name in casinos.

Origin, and history, are the least concern of players. Fret not; this blog touches on all exciting areas taking you on a whooping ride of cards. Blackjack!

Blackjack– The Game of Cards

Overall, Blackjack became a common name in houses and cinemas around the world in a short time after experiencing great popularity in the US. Easier to play, and the winning strategies were even simpler. You only need to beat the dealer to a hand of 21.

Today, it’s more exciting and affordable to play Blackjack.

Play Blackjack Online: Accessible, Affordable Plus Bonuses

You no longer have to visit a real casino to try your hand at Blackjack. Search the internet for online Blackjack UK, find a reliable online gaming site like Watch my spin, and you’re halfway through. The transition from physical tables to screens made the game more accessible, affordable, and convenient. That means you saved a ticket to Macau, Las Vegas, or any country famous for casinos.

Simply put, you no longer need to save, wash up, get dressed, take a taxi or flight and visit a casino, only to lose more money when you can play Blackjack for free at home.

Playing on gaming sites adds other benefits to your casino experience, like bonuses, VIP rewards, cash backs, etc.

Although many factors contribute to Blackjack’s unparalleled hype, rumors keep clouding players’ minds. Let’s debunk those myths and give a thumbs up to the thrilling game.

Debunking 7 Most Common Blackjack Myths

Ever heard– Popularity comes at a price? That holds for Blackjack. After surpassing the popularity of win-check, many myths related to the game started clouding players’ minds. The so-called rumors included a list of superstitions, assumptions, and wrong strategies. Seemingly true, it didn’t take much time to bound their winning chances with those myths.

It’s said words repeated over time that sound like the truth. That was the scenario that even most experienced players find unavoidable until now. Whether it was a strategy to slide blame onto someone or something for their loss, or entire ignorance, these myths need to go.

To help our Blackjack lovers, we have curated a list of the 7 most common Blackjack myths, so your win or loss is purely based on strategic play devoid of rumors.

●          Get Closer to 21 Faster, or You Lose

Agree or not, everyone believed it at some point. Blackjack’s french version indicates it as a ‘game of 21’; however that’s only a part of the game. Fortunately, the game is much more than getting the number 21.

Jot it down somewhere, or store it in your memory; the objective of Blackjack is to beat the dealer either by getting a higher final total or by not busting before they do.

Even a score of 17 can help you beat the dealer. So instead of tiring your mind for ‘21’, get the time and improve your strategy. It will surely increase your winning chances.

●          Maintain an 18

18 is considered a good hand. Players are often advised not to mess with it.

However, maintaining a stand on 18 only works when the dealer has a 2 or 7 upcard. In other cases, such as the dealer’s weak upcard of 3,4,5, or 6, the best way to ensure a win is with a double down. It may improve your position, yet it puts more pressure on the dealer when he is vulnerable to busting.

●          Pure Luck, No Strategies

It’s impossible to beat the dealer. They always have a better hand. It’s pure luck.

Many people have a misconception that winning in Blackjack requires luck. Wrong.

Blackjack is the only game in casinos whose outcome is independent of your luck. Start learning card counting to gain a mathematical advantage over casinos or dealers, and you’ll beat the luck.

●          Be Good At Maths

Don’t know who told you this, but you don’t need a mathematical mind to win in Blackjack. Simple addition, subtraction, and an ability to count to 21 will do.

Mathematical skills do add an advantage to players, yet it’s not crucial for your victory. However, in card counting, you may need to be pretty good at maths to guess the next card. Otherwise, you are good to go.

●          Card Counting is Illegal

Various media outlets have given rise to a common misconception that card counting is illegal. In technical terms, it isn’t, but physical casinos do not encourage card counting. They can even ban you from playing in their gaming houses. Plus, you need to be quick to employ card counting techniques, which isn’t feasible for everyone. Even if you master these skills, counting cards in online games is tough. Still, try your luck at the best online casino in UK; perhaps it favours your luck. We never know.

So, good luck with that.

●          Having Photographic Memory Clears Your Road

Of all the myths about card counting, this one stands out the most. The myth says you need a head for numbers and a photographic memory for a strategically smooth win.

Well, it’s good to have a photographic memory, but the concept behind the card is entirely different.

The card counting strategy is to add one whenever you see a card between 2 and 6, whereas subtracting 1 when you see an ace or a ten card.

●          After Consecutive Losses, You Always Win

Let’s create a scenario: the dealer won three times in a row; now it’s your turn to recoup the losses.


Many people assume Blackjack to be a game of luck that supports even wins. Is there anything called even luck? Perhaps not. Even if the dealer wins ten times, your winning chance depends on skills, techniques, and strategies, not guesses.

The possibilities are endless. Maybe it works over a long game, but for the short haul, it’s like waiting for light in an endless dark tunnel.


In short, Blackjack is a simple casino game of skills and luck. It doesn’t require you to be mathematically savvy or have a photographic memory. The list of myths doesn’t end at seven; there are more false beliefs.

But to win, you must master the skills or be lucky enough to get a better hand and beat the dealer.

So Blackjack enthusiasts, you don’t need a ticket to Las Vegas; get on our website and play your favorite game right from home.



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