7 Best Movies Featuring Roulette for Real Money

Fans of gambling will be drawn to movies that feature scenes at gaming tables, especially roulette. Roulette is one of the most action-packed games on any casino floor and attracts many spectators. With this casino game featured in top films, roulette fans can enjoy watching memorable characters enjoy lucky streaks or lose it all in Vegas.

Here, we take a look at the 7 best movies that feature reel money roulette action. Watch characters use skills and strategies as they try to beat the house in these exciting films. You can even pick up some tips from these movies to use when you play online roulette for real money! Seeing the action of roulette on a screen often triggers people to pay a visit to a land casino or start playing this game online, which is why these roulette films have played a key role in boosting the popularity of this game.


Casablanca is a classic film that was first released in 1942. It follows the life of Rick, a casino owner, and his plans to help people escape a German occupied camp during World War II. The real money roulette scene is one of the most memorable of all time where two newlyweds place a bet to try to strike it rich. Their single number bet on 22 is a winner, allowing them to finally escape the Nazi camp.

Diamonds Are Forever

When anyone thinks of movies featuring gambling themes, they often think of James Bond. In Diamonds Are Forever, Bond is seen playing roulette and there are a number of intense scenes during this film. Set in the Whyte House Mansion Casino, James Bond, played by Sean Connery, can be seen placing high roller bets at roulette tables while using his unique betting and playing strategy that allows him to collect some amazing payouts.

California Split

If you want a film entirely based on gambling, California Split is a must-watch. From 1974, this film features intense action at real money roulette tables and focuses on two main characters who are accused of cheating during a poker game. They partner and move on to the roulette tables to win even more, though one character soon grows tired of this action-packed lifestyle and returns to a normal life.

Indecent Proposal

Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson take center stage in Indecent Proposal, a popular film that captures the excitement of real money roulette. Placing their life savings on a single red bet, the couple loses their cash. When a billionaire enters the scene, they think their luck has changed and this elusive stranger offers them $1 million to sleep with his wife. They accept, hoping to get the money as they put their relationship through the ultimate test of trust.

Run Lola Run

Featuring a main character named Lola, Run Lola Run is a romance film that captures the thrills of real money roulette. The character hits many casinos in Berlin in an attempt to earn money to pay off her boyfriend’s debts.  Like in Casablanca, the lucky bet is on number 22 and Lola places her 100 mark chip on this single number. Tension in the film rises as we await game results to see if Lola can change the fate of her lover.


Croupier, a film from 1998, features a character that is a writer trying to make a living as a croupier at a casino. The character quickly becomes familiar with the lifestyle of gamblers and sees amazing highs and devastating lows at the roulette tables. Using his croupier experience to get material for a book, he focuses on different skills used at roulette tables by high roller gamblers.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

This hit film from 1988 is based in France, which is quite fitting since it is believed that is where roulette originated. Two main characters come together as a team to win thousands playing roulette games in various casinos in France. One memorable scene in this film has the two playing against each other at a roulette table.


Roulette is one of the most exciting games offered at a casino and it goes without saying that it is a perfect game for an action scene in any gambling movie. These top-rated films have all featured great scenes at the tables and many have prompted players to visit a land or online casino and try their own luck! When it comes to gambling for real money, roulette is known to attract high rollers and those that like to live on the edge, placing risky bets for their chance to strike it rich from this classic table game.


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