6 Wedding Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

The bride in an elegant wedding dress holds a beautiful bouquet of different flowers and green leaves. Wedding theme.

For many couples hoping to tie the knot, 2022 is the year to make that happen. After 18 months of lockdowns and other restrictions, many want to experience the festivities weddings bring to families and friends invited to the event. It is one significant chapter in people’s lives where they can also exercise the creativity that expresses their personalities and brings delight to wedding-goers. If you’re wondering about trends that you’re likely to see at a friend’s wedding next year, the following might give you some ideas.

  • Bridgerton-Inspired Theme

With the popularity of the hit period drama Bridgerton on the rise, wedding themes might take on some of the elements found in the television series. But who wouldn’t be caught up with the romance of the whole set?

There’s likely to be brides choosing empire-waist wedding gowns, elegant satin or lace gloves, vintage table settings, roses, or peony floral collections for the bouquet.

Thus, the Regency period may make waves during the ceremony and reception. And if that’s not enough, you can also expect wedding dresses with puff sleeves to be a hit among brides next year.

Candy bar on golden wedding party with a lot of different candies, cupcakes, souffle and cakes. Decorated in brown and purple colors, nature and eco theme, indoor.

  • Nature-Inspired Themes

Aside from television show-inspired weddings, you can never scratch out weddings taking on natural elements, especially now that people are emerging from lockdown restrictions. Couples notice the environment more with a renewed appreciation for the outdoors. The fall season inspires driftwood, linen fabrics, terracotta pots, and more.

Couples include colour schemes in things to consider while planning a wedding. While some still want a traditional white base, they find ways to add bold splashes of colour to the festivities. Try pink, yellow, olive green, and ocean blue, among others. They are likely to take a hit in the spring and summer of 2022 weddings.

  • Renting Wedding Dresses

Brides are choosing to hire designer wedding dresses instead of buying them, and that’s one trend that you can expect to continue to 2022. That means more savings to rent more designer dresses to change into throughout their wedding day.

When Carrie Symonds married the British prime minister Boris Johnson this year, she became the talk of the town when she rented her designer silk gown for only £45. The Christos Costarellos ivory wedding dress is reportedly costing £ 2,870. And who can blame her? Brides typically spend an average of £1,313 to wear their dream wedding dress. Why spend so much when you can wear the clothing for less?

The year 2022 is also considered the time for online clothing rental services. There will be more to rise in the bridal market. It brings convenience to brides who’d rather skip paying for custom-dressed and dry-cleaning benefits as well.

  • Sober Curious Weddings

Flowing alcohol is an everyday staple at weddings. It’s a ‘hand-me-down’ wedding tradition that the old days enjoyed because alcoholic drinks are a favourite in various celebrations. But more couples are choosing minor to no alcoholic beverages at their weddings, and that’s likely to trickle to 2022.

Currently, the sober curious movement is making waves. They are now choosing alcohol-free alternatives for various reasons, health being one of them. Pregnant brides, breastfeeding guests, and individuals who wanted to stop alcohol intake will likely influence receptions next year.

Offering guests a fun and exciting non-alcoholic drink is an option that might take off because people are now health-conscious. Wedding venues notice the change and brands have been launching delicious alcohol-free alternatives.

  • Sustainable Catering

As people become more environmentally conscious, couples want to use sustainable zero-waste catering as part of their wedding celebrations. There are caterers that couples can hire because they can accept specific requests.

While it’s tempting to order so much food for the guests, they can discuss what to do with the leftovers. They can arrange for extra food, flowers, and drinks for various charitable causes. Food banks can take on surplus food.

  • Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

There has been a 176% increase in the search for ‘two-piece-wedding dresses’ this year. And brides are shopping nine months ahead, so there will be a trend surge in 2022. Micro-weddings and elopements are also rising because brides are opting away from traditional full gowns. Two-piece wedding dresses are versatile, modern, and minimalistic. They are easier to wear throughout the day and are popular with brides who like sustainability.

In Conclusion

If you’re to wed in 2022 and need some ideas, the mentioned are only some of the trends you can use for your wedding. But it’s also vital that you follow what you and your spouse-to-be want, even if it’s nothing trending. Weddings can be anything convenient for you as long as you and your guests enjoy the celebration.


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