6 Ways to Bond With Your Cat

Do you know the next best thing to receiving a Father’s day card from your dog? It’s bonding with your cat. Many people are fond of having pets in their homes and consider them to be part of their family. Cats are one of the most common household pets, and they also require your trust, mutual love, and respect. As a pet cat owner, you need to provide them their basic needs and attention in order to live harmoniously with them. Here are some ways to bond with your cat, strengthen your relationship, and build trust.

1.  Give Them Their Own Space

Cats are territorial and independent creatures, and allowing them to have their own space is crucial for having a harmonious balance in your household. When bringing a cat into your home, try not to invade your cat’s space until they become comfortable with their new home. Cats will often let us know if they want attention or give us signs that they don’t want us around them.

2.  Observe Their Body Language

Cats will make it rather obvious if they desire attention from you, and paying attention to their body language will allow you to communicate with them in a better fashion. If your cat leans away from you when you try to pet them, it may be wise to let them be for a while until they come to you. Their tail is also an indicator of their mood; a straight tail pointed upwards is a sign of respect, whereas a puffed tail is a sign of fear.

3.  Don’t Force Your Cat

Wait for the right moment when your cat feels comfortable and ready to interact with you. You wouldn’t want to force a friendship with a cat until they are willing to do the same for you. Let your cat observe and learn about you by simply watching your every day routine such as how you sit on the couch or on a window sill. Let them be familiar with how you smell, the way you move, and how you make sounds.

4.  Limitations to Touch

While you may want to constantly touch your cat’s soft fur, you also have to take note that they also have limitations on how much they want to be touched. Some new cat owners will typically interpret it as their cat having an attitude, it isn’t always the case. Always approach with predictable movements. Learn your cat’s body language and you will see if your cat has petting aggression. If this is the case, try to limit petting sessions until they’re comfortable.

5.  Follow a Routine

One of the first things you have to learn about cats is that they are creatures of habit. They hate being surprised, and while it may be fun to watch as they leap when you surprise them, it won’t help you establish a bond with your cat. Pick up a routine when you would feed, play, or go for walks with them.

6.  Respect Your Cat’s Choices

When it comes to taking care of cats and bonding with them, you have to understand that they can undergo a lot of stress when they lose control of their environment. This is why most of them experience a lot of stress in animal shelters. Respecting their choices is essential for developing your bond. If your cat chooses a place in your home where they will perch, respect that decision. This will build up their confidence. Take every opportunity to learn more about your cat and how you can build a positive experience for both of you.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you interact with your cat and you’ll see how your relationship will improve.

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