6 things you wouldn’t expect to find at Atkinsons

Vegan chocolate? Snail gel? Eco-friendly freezer bag? Atkinsons on the Moor is a haven for unique items. Of course yer nan loves a good rummage around the bedroom (steady) and mattress section before having a cuppa in the restaurant, but there’s a shed load of products that us young’uns might find of interest too. 

Let’s take a look at six we found, shall we?

Omninatural Snail Gel for face and nody
Soothing, rejuvenating and moisture restoring, using snail and slug slime to purify your skin dates as far back the time of the Ancient Greeks; Hippocrates reportedly recommended the use of crushed snails to relieve inflamed skin and some 20 years ago, the potential of snail slime was noted by Chilean snail farmers who found that skin lesions healed quickly, with no scars, when they handled snails for the French food market. Mad, innit!

Natural Elements eco-friendly lunchbox
Made with sustainable bamboo fibre and designed with sustainability in mind, this lunchbox is perfect to keep yer sarnies in whilst saving the world. Two birds with one stone and all that.

iChoc Feel Free Vegan Chocolate
Bio-organic chocolate in a range of flavour combinations

Natural Elements eco-friendly freezer bag
100% compostable, reduce waste and freeze leftovers. Even the packagin is made from sustainable sources – if you love your sustainability sustainable.

Sleepeezee Cooler Supreme mattress
Warmer weather is coming, keep cool and comfy with this mattress. Nowt worse than waking up in the attic room dripping in sweat, is there?

Classic Reflex dining table
The Reflex dining collection is perfect for the contemporary home, with its industrial styling and clean lines. If you ask very nicely, manager David Cartwright will demo the extending abilities of this table, which is basically worth all the money in the world (trust us, we’ve seen it).

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