5 Types of Vape Mods to Explore: What Are Their Core Advantages?

Consumers, when they go to purchase a vape mod, find they have several to choose from. However, devices on the market today fall into one of five categories. Once vapers have this information, they find it much easier to determine which device will work best for their specific needs and budget. In addition, they may choose one type when they first begin vaping and later upgrade to one as their knowledge on the topic increases. Knowing the various electronic cigarette options available today helps narrow the choices for beginning and experienced vapers alike and also allows vapers to learn about new options available to them. As the popularity of vaping continues to increase, more products will arrive on the market. However, they will fall into one of these categories, so the information contained below will continue to be of help.

Vape Pens

A vaporizer or vape pens look like a small pen, just as the name suggests. Users find these devices to be easy to use, inexpensive, and reliable. Many people purchase a vape pen when they explore this alternative to smoking and find they enjoy the experience. Using the vaporizer pen requires little knowledge or skill as the pen features an internal battery and doesn’t allow for adjustments. New vapers find they can take the device out of the box and begin using it. Pulsar vaporizers and DL discreet pens at Slick Vapes, are perfect for beginners since they require minimal expertise, with their user-friendly design and hassle-free operation.

Vape pens and other electronic cigarettes help smokers who want to break their conventional tobacco habit. The look and feel of the device remind them of tobacco cigarettes, so the switch isn’t as drastic. Furthermore, the pens remain compact and lightweight, so they aren’t a burden to use, and they go everywhere the user does. Remember to shut the device off when not in use to avoid draining the battery or accidentally operating the device.

When they first hit the market almost 20 years ago, manufacturers strived to make the pens as similar to tobacco cigarettes as possible. However, times have changed, and vape pens come in a variety of styles and sizes. Users find they can choose a vape pen that not only satisfies their needs and their budget but also allows them to share information about their personality and what they like and dislike. In fact, they refer to many devices today as “sticks’ because they look a great deal like a thin box mod. Anyone interested in vaping should start with a device of this kind.

Pod Systems

Pod mods or pod systems recently hit the vaping market and quickly became popular with consumers. In the three years since its launch, the products have gained a significant share of the vape device market. Most vapers know of the popular Juul starter kit, as this remains the most coveted of the pod systems today. People love pod systems thanks to their small size and how easy they are to use. Most systems of this type remain self-contained, so the user doesn’t have to do anything other than open the package and begin vaping.

In fact, many pod systems lack a firing button. The user inhales, and the device activates and delivers the e-liquid in vapor form. Beginner vapers love pod systems, but advanced users continue to purchase them thanks to the intense throat hit obtained with the devices. Thanks to their small size and lightweight, pod systems go anywhere the vaper goes. Disposable varieties available at convenience stores and gas stations allow more people to have access to vaping. Individuals who begin with a pod system often upgrade to a larger and more expensive device. Manufacturers recognize this and work to make pod systems more appealing as a result.

Box Mods

Vapers looking for something bigger and more powerful than a vape pen or pod system turn to box mods. However, they must realize box mods are heavier thanks to the removable batteries used to power the device. These vape devices use up to three lithium batteries to operate, and users must carefully read the instruction manual to determine which batteries are required for the product they purchase.

Experienced vapers love box mods because they can customize the devices to meet their needs. Every box mod comes with a universal 510 threaded connection. This connection lets the user swap tanks. Manufacturers include several safety functions on these devices, and some now feature a chipset so the user can customize their device more. In addition, these devices often include an OLED digital display so the user can monitor the volts, ohms, and wattage.

Squonk Mods

Box mods remain popular, but some users find they are now switching to squonk mods. A squonk mod possesses many characteristics seen in box mods but also includes a built-in squeeze bottle for the vape juice. This squeeze bottle lets the user send the vape juice in the device through the 510 connection to the device atomizer. Many vapers using squonk mods rely on an RDA for the atomizer because it allows them to bypass the need to drip through the mouthpiece. Mid-to experienced-level vapers love squonk boxes.

Mechanical Mods

Beginners’ vapers need to avoid mechanical mods, as these devices remain unregulated. Men and women wishing to use one of these devices must understand Ohm’s law because the device doesn’t have safety features built-in if the worst happens. When the user presses the firing button, a current travels directly to the device coil with the help of the batteries. The power obtained when the firing button is activated depends on the battery used in the device along with the battery charge.

Instagram vape trick videos brought the public’s attention to mechanical mods. The most common type of mech mod would be the mech tube mods that include a bottom-firing button. These mech mods take little time or effort to fix, and they are durable and reliable. Thanks to the minimal circuitry and hardware, users find they can take these devices anywhere they go.

With this information, any vape finds they can narrow the choices in a new vape device. Save money by researching the various options before you buy it. This not only ensures you get the right product for your needs, but you can also experiment more with other vape products to increase your enjoyment of this activity.

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