5 Top Tips for Making Your House Look Like a Showhome

For many people, owning a house that looks like a showhome can be a significant goal, but also requires expert planning, an eye for detail and some colour coordination skills.


If you’re preparing for some renovations, then here are our top five tips to help you to create a home you’ll treasure forever.


  1. Work With Your Space


Depending on which room you’re working with, you may want to maximise the space you have by drawing more light into the room, and choosing a lighter colour scheme.


Alternatively, you could use darker colour schemes and heavier soft fabrics to create a cosy atmosphere instead, which would be more suitable for lounge areas like a snug, or bedrooms.


If you’re working with a smaller room, and are aiming to make it appear bigger, opting for lighter colours, and incorporating mirrors can create the illusion of extra space.


  1. Co-ordinate Your Furniture


Your furniture makes up the bones of a room, so you may want to consider your choices carefully.


Depending on your room layout, you may need to organise your furniture in a clever manner to maximise your floor space without compromising walkways or interfering with doors or windows.


You may also want to decide on a theme or colour scheme for each room, and invest in well-designed furniture. Companies like Rockett St George stock a range of high quality furniture, whether you need a snazzy sideboard, or an illuminating table lamp.


  1. Jazz Up Your Walls


If you want to replicate a showhome look for your walls, you may want to use neutral colour toned paint, but you could also create a stylish feature wall using a subtly patterned wallpaper.


You can browse wallpaper designs through websites like I Love Wallpaper, and have a selection of free samples delivered to your door.


  1. Hide Your Electricals


Electrical equipment can be something of an eyesore amongst carefully selected decor. A solution is to create clever storage solutions for your TV or sound system.


In the living room, you could create an alcove in a disused chimney breast, and cover it with doors.


Alternatively, integrate your sound system into your walls or ceiling, with no bulky parts or wires trailing across the floor. Companies like Sonos are renowned for their integrated sound systems, which are flawlessly designed to be practically invisible in your walls and ceilings.


  1. Use Small Details for a Luxurious Touch


Small details are the things that bring a room together, and using small details like tasteful ornaments, house plants or candles can bring a luxurious and personal touch to your home.


If you’re going for a showhome feel, setting the dinner table with napkins, sparkling utensils and candles can make your kitchen or dining room look like a scene from a Nigella Lawson cooking show with very little effort.



Do you have any tips for making your house look like a showhome? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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