5 Tips for pre-holiday car care

With December being just around the corner, this is perfect timing for running a basic pre-holiday car check so you are safe later. This year our vehicles have gone through alot already – from being idle in the lockdown to having all professional services done without compromising on the safety protocols. Our vehicles deserve special attention during holiday season and it is always better to be extra cautious on the road especially while driving with our kids. Safety requires not only being vigilant while driving but also monitoring vehicle components regularly for any repairs or faults in it so that we do not face any unexpected road halts. Good news is, that with time artificial intelligence has boomed and there are many tracking systems to help us always stay ahead in the safety matters. Now is a good time to revisit your car maintenance goals and even pursue getting help from a smart system for that extra edge on road safety. Discover some interesting checks that you need to carry out before going out for a long drive with family. These tips can also set the tone of your car care regime for the coming year.

Check Engine System 

Before starting a journey everyone needs to properly examine their engine system for any fault or repair. Many of us just give priority to proper fuel levels and ignore check on the engine. Engine is the main source supplying power to the whole vehicle, hence needs to be monitored once or twice a month. If you think your engine is not showing any corrosion signs that is good however checking the oil present in it is also very important as older oil may hamper the engine performance resulting in hampering your smooth drive  and reducing your fuel efficiency. Therefore monitoring your engine for any corrosion or oil in it  for deterioration is very important. 

ADAS System – innovative software and sensors

Even though many of us are still not comfortable with the thought of artificial safety systems – they are truly the future of this world. Many new technology systems aid humans and machines depending on what their main purpose is for. One such system is ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). It is a safety feature installed in our vehicles to assist motorists to remain safe on road. This feature works with the help of cameras and sensors installed in the vehicle that is used to alert a motorist for any upcoming warning sign on the road. Features like Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) , Lane Departure Warnings (LDW) , Lane assist , night vision camera and adaptive lighting especially used to help improve vision at night are included. All these features help a driver in knowing about likely errors before hand that may be made by him while driving. Hence keeping you safe on the road. If this has fascinated you, you can get ADAS calibration for your car from a professional garage like Jet Wheel Tyre.

Check your Tyres 

Another very important thing to note is that your tyres need to be checked properly for balanced air pressure in them. A maintained pressure in tyres will help you keep proper balance on the road and chances of losing control would be less. Further, in case your tyres are under balanced and you are not aware and take your vehicle on the road , you might experience an unexpected tyre puncture between your journey. To avoid such a situation you need to check the level of air pressure in your tyres through a pressure measuring gauge before leaving for a drive and in case you feel your tyres are underinflated you can get them pumped for balanced air pressure in them. 

Check Warning Lights 

At times you might not notice, but your indication lights might not be working and you notice it just while you are driving causing road trouble to you. Also at times a driver avoids warning lights showing up on the speedometer that can result in serious road halting situations. In case if you are ignoring engine warning lights , your engine might stop working while you are driving with your family, making you stranded in the middle of a heavy traffic. To avoid such a situation you need to take your warning lights seriously and the lights that are not working properly should be repaired immediately for your and your family’s safety.

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