5 tips and tricks to choose a winning slot game

Slot games are incredibly easy to play, which is one of the reasons why they are so universally popular. A slot enthusiast can choose from thousands of slot titles in almost every online casino on the Internet. That is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because the high diversity means you can play a different game every single time, but it’s bad because it’s hard to find the very best games. 

If you’re struggling to find winning slot games and you often end up losing money at the end of your sessions, we completely understand you. Everyone has been there at least once in their slot-playing career. That’s why we want to share some simple and effective tips and tricks with you that will significantly increase your chances of choosing a winning game more often than before. Check them out below!

Choose a Slot with a High RTP
This one seems obvious, but, trust us, a lot of players forget about it or do not realise how important the RTP is. The first thing you need to do when deciding whether to play a certain slot game is to check how high its RTP is. 

Generally, we usually do not play games with RTPs lower than 95%, unless we are really impressed by some other features. Ideally, a slot game should offer at least a 96% Return to Player percentage.

For example, if you play casino slots online on Prime Slots, you can find the RTP in the game itself. In case it’s not included, a simple Google search will quickly tell you what it is. 

Pick High-Volatility Slots
In case you are not aware of it, slots can be separated into three categories: 

  • Low-volatility
  • Medium-volatility
  • High-volatility

Low-volatility slots have more frequent but smaller payouts, whereas high-volatility slots pay out less often but the wins are usually larger. Medium-volatility games are somewhere in-between. If you have the budget, it’s always advisable to play a high-volatility slot with higher stakes for a shorter amount of time than spending hours on a low-volatility title and earning very little. 

However, high-volatility slots are also high-risk because you risk losing more in a short period of time if luck is not on your side. Essentially, you should decide which type suits your preferences better.

Look for Free Spins
The wins you make during the Free Spins feature are basically free money. You make one bet, activate free spins, and then you can make 10, 15, 20 bets free of charge and keep the wins. Therefore, you should always look for slot games that award a high number of free spins. 

Often times, before a Free Spins feature is activated, you will see a number of non-winning spins, but the wait is usually worth it. If you play slot games on House of Fun, some titles you should check out include Giant’s Treasure, Down Under Gold, Diamond Forest, and more.

Read About Players’ Experiences
Unless you’re playing a brand new game that was released the day before, you will be able to find plenty of user reviews on popular specialised websites. Whenever possible, you should read about other players’ experiences with the slot you’re planning to play. 

This way, you can learn how often the bonus features are triggered, how well the slot pays, whether the graphics are good, and whether you should give it a try or not. 

In most cases, you can trust user reviews because all other players are probably looking for the same thing as you — a slot that pays well and is fun to play.

Avoid Branded Slot Games
Branded slot games might look appealing at first glance, but they have a hidden disadvantage. Namely, purchasing a licence to create a branded slot game is quite expensive. Some examples include Hollywood-themed slots, music-themed slots, and so on. 

After the developers spend a ton of money to purchase the licence, they are left with a small budget to develop the actual game. Therefore, the RTP in these games is usually lower and the gameplay is simple and not as refined as in non-branded slots.

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