As coaches we always strive for excellence. In this post on the 10 keys to being a better football coach we look at the most important aspects of developing our coaching skills.


The following points we will look at are the common traits that coaches of the likes of Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, José Mourinho, Julian Nagelsmann and Jürgen Klopp have in common.


Let’s not try to emulate their actions, but to rescue those traits that have made them the best coaches and led every football team they have coached to victory. Here is our list:


Being a better coach from a technical point of view


To begin with, within the keys to being a better coach there has to be a space dedicated to the technical aspect. A good strategy can be undermined by a lack of good players, or your players can underperform because of poor selection.


Key 1: Understanding football and clean competition


Understanding the game from the gut is a plus, a bonus that many coaches today know how to exploit. Most of them already excelled as regular players, they know what it is like to deal with a locker room. They know the demands of competition and what a coach expects from his football team.


And it does not stop there. Coaches with a training background understand that above all, fair play and respect for both the opponent and the referee must be valued. This will give you greater respect in the teams you manage.


Key 2: Sportsmanship and fair play


Enforcing fair play is taking the very foundations of football. In this, grassroots coaches will know that players need to be instilled with the values of sport and discipline through healthy competition.


At the professional level, the most respected coaches are those who manage to rescue these values of grassroots football. If not, just ask Marcelo Bielsa.


Personal aspects to be a better football coach


More than a coach, we are also people. We are no more or less than anyone else, just like our players, we are people with needs and defects. Therefore, we can improve three aspects of our person to improve as a coach.


Key 3: Be a good communicator


Very important! Conveying your ideas to your players is the key to taking a game forward. A good communicator has not fear of public speaking, as Exposed Magazine mentions. In order of importance, this is the third key to being a better coach.


From the outset, it is the coach who conducts the training sessions and meetings before and after the games. You need to give some kind of reinforcement to a player to try to give that extra performance, be it positive, negative or neutral.


If you do not make yourself understood, or your players do not understand what you want to say, what are you waiting for to improve your public speaking?


Key 4: Learn from past mistakes


If you have managed more than one football team on your CV, you will know the importance of learning from mistakes. Mistakes are so important as you can see on Amy Sue McCune.


If you have been relegated, lost in a final against the team’s historic rival or random situations that affected your team’s performance at the height of the season, you have learned more than the most successful coach in the game today.


That is what mistakes are there for, to improve the next time around. It is not uncommon to see a coach keep a diary. In it he records what happened to him, what actions he took, the result and what he would have improved.


Key 5: Prevention rather than regret


Preventing is not synonymous with waiting for catastrophe, but having a margin of manoeuvre in case of a fortuitous event. This philosophy has been seen in different sporting contexts. You do not have to be a sports professional to understand it, as fans can also put it into practice.  For example, those who bet through specialists such as SBO can recognise it. Because online betting covers every sport there is, we help you focus on identifying value bets. There is more than one promotion and bonus available to benefit from and you can play within your margin of manoeuvre. You can bet from your mobile device and most importantly, they offer live streaming. It brings you closer to the action and you can place much better in-play bets.


Suppose our striker is injured, and the replacement has hardly had any minutes, what would you do? Well, have a contingency plan, would you not? Let me know in the comments what you would do in this case.


Prevention to take care of our football team has to go hand in hand with the performance you are looking for from it. This management is very well run by coaches with a long trajectory and a well-honed sense of intuition.


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