5 Reasons Why Your Venue Needs Door Staff

Door staff also known as bouncers are a regular fixture in pubs and clubs across the UK. They can even be seen manning the entrance of fast food outlets that open late at night, even though such venues don’t serve alcohol. While door staff may look intimidating, they do serve a valid purpose which is to protect those inside as well as the property itself.

Here are 5 reasons why your venue needs door staff to tell you more.

To Maintain Standards

As the gatekeepers to your establishment, door staff will have control of who comes into your venue, and who needs to make a swift exit. The reality of owning a venue where alcohol is served or one that opens late into the evening is that trouble is likely. From rowdy stag parties to those patrons who have had one too many drinks, it can soon spoil the atmosphere for everyone else. Your venue also may have a dress code which your door staff can enforce too. Find security guard services near you.

Peace Of Mind For Your Customers And Staff

Door staff will look to actively weed out potential troublemakers before they enter your building. However, if anything kicks off inside it, you need someone handling it stat. Ideally, you should have door staff on the external door as well as security inside. But sometimes, this isn’t the case or your security guard might be overwhelmed or even incapacitated by what is unfolding. By having door staff, there will always be an extra pair of hands to deal with the situation.

Help You To Avoid Fines

It is illegal to consume alcohol under the age of 18 in the UK. However, with fake IDs getting ever more sophisticated, an expert eye is needed to ensure underage drinkers are refused entry. Your door staff are responsible for checking the ID of every single patron, especially those who appear underage. They will also not permit anyone who looks too drunk. Both of these issues can land your venue with a hefty fine, not to mention a bad reputation.

Close With Links Other Security Guards

Door staff usually have a radio that links them with other nearby door staff and even the police. If there is trouble kicking off elsewhere or even an ongoing emergency, your venue is much better placed to respond. Plus, if the police do need to be called then your door staff are best placed to give an accurate description of what has happened. After all, drunk people aren’t always the most reliable of witnesses.

First Aid

The nature of drinking all night in a noisy environment is that sometimes accidents happen. Door staff are usually trained in first aid, meaning they can provide quick support, especially in critical situations. They can also direct ambulance crews to a casualty and make an area safe. If you didn’t have this support on hand, the situation could turn ugly very quickly especially if the injuries were sustained during a fight that is still ongoing.

To Sum Up

Door staff are there to ensure the safety of your patrons and staff, as well as uphold the standards of your venue. They are the first people your customers will look to in an emergency, making their presence very valuable.

In any venue where trouble could occur, having and qualified professional door staff is a necessity. It can also help prevent criminal damage to your property too, especially if you are open late at night.

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