5 must-visit states in the US

With the United States of America being a country that is so big that it covers a large land area, there are many within the country that have never taken an international flight, whilst there are those who visit the country as a tourist destination because of what the nation has to offer.

With 50 different states available to visit, each one will provide visitors with a range of different things. From sun and sea to truly incredibly amounts of culture and historic landmarks, there is something for everyone who decides to give America a visit.

Here, though, are 5 must-visit states in the United States of America that need to be experienced!


Of course, Nevada is the home of Las Vegas; a city that is known around the world as the entertainment capital and one that features on many people’s bucket lists, especially for those who live abroad. The bright, neon lights are one major appeal, as is the glitz and glamour that is available within the country.

However, many will head to Sin City because of the entertainment that the city has to offer, including live performances from artists, musical acts and comedians whilst the casinos on offer in the state are amongst some of the best around the world!


Speaking of casinos, Indiana is a state that has plenty of different casinos that can be visited physically, whilst users can also look to bet whilst on the move when using a mobile device such as a smartphone. This has been made possible by the fact that Indiana legalized mobile betting in 2019, thus making the state incredibly attractive for casino and sports betting enthusiasts according to gambleindiana.com

Away from the casino and betting scene, though, there is certainly plenty to do in the mid-western state, with the capital city Indianapolis providing visitors with a number of landmarks and attractions that can be explored. Furthermore, the state is home to Indiana Dunes National Park as well as regular events and festivals that can be experienced!


We just mentioned national parks, so for those that enjoy going to a state for some adventure, there might not be any better than heading to the west coast and visiting California. Typically warm-weathered for much of the year, the Golden State has places such as Joshua Tree and Yosemite that can be visited, whilst there are an array of golden beaches that can each be experienced, as well.

In addition, those that want to experience the wealthy scenes that the state has, with cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco located within the state, will be satisfied greatly, whilst the state is closely situated to Nevada, Arizona, Mexico and Oregon; depending on what part is visited.


It can sometimes be forgotten that despite being a cluster of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is still an American state and one that needs to be experienced when the opportunity arises. The region is home to some of the most beautiful natural beauty, whether it be the beaches, Hanauma Bay or the volcanic areas that are available to visit.

With the islands in the middle of nowhere, it can take a rather long time for anyone who decides to visit the island; however it is a US state that is deserving of the visit!


To find something completely different from the rest of the United States of America, a visit to the state of Louisiana should be on the list of must-see states. The culture and history of the region is completely different to any other are within the country, with the colonial French still heavily influencing how the area is today.

Places like New Orleans are booming with history, whilst Bourbon Street is a must-see place to anyone that does make the trip!

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