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5 Great Additions For The Ultimate Man Cave

When you’re building your man cave, it’s hard not to let your imagination run wild, only to catch yourself once you feel like you’ve started dreaming too big. However, you’d be surprised by what you could build with enough dedication and commitment. Planning is an important part of any project like this, and once you’ve identified how much space you have and what theme you’re going for, you can get started with decorating and choosing what you’ll have in your new man cave. To give you an idea of what you can feasibly add to this space while also giving your creativity a bit of a boost, we’ve listed five of our favourite additions to create the ultimate man cave.

Smart Home Devices
Let’s face it, smart technology is one of the best inventions of the past decade and failing to have some level of smart tech integration in your man cave is a huge, missed opportunity. For a start, you’ll want to get a selection of smart bulbs fitted, along with optional lighting strips depending on what type of aesthetic you’re aiming for. There are many benefits to having smart lighting in your home, and for a man cave, coloured bulbs are a great option. They allow you to completely change the look and feel of your man cave with subdued lighting for a dingy poker night or a vibrant and lively look complete with your team’s colours for a big football match. As well as this, you’ll want some smart speakers with voice activation too, as this will allow you quick and easy control over your music playlists too.

Big Comfortable Seating
When you invite everyone over for a lad’s night, the last thing any of you want is to have to sit on uncomfortable, undersized chairs all evening. Sitting in one place on a hard, uncomfortable surface is going to be a good way to kill the desire to drag out the evening. If people start getting uncomfortable, they’re going to want to head home, potentially cutting the night short. If, however, you provide enough comfy sofas and armchairs for the room, situated perfectly in view of the TV, you’ll be keeping everyone happy. Don’t forget to consider some recliners, too, for those who really want to kick back.

Gaming Tables
If you and the lads are into running some fun, late-night casino sessions, you will want to grab some quality gaming tables to add to the room. Depending on your available space, you could have a number of different gaming tables, from a poker table to your very own roulette table. Don’t forget that you could make these multi-purpose, too, by adding a hard tabletop surface over the top of them and removing it when you want to play. This allows you to further justify using a lot of your floor space for things like this. Not only can a roulette table or a poker table provide you with hours of fun and chill vibes, but they also lend a very classy and authentic feel to the room, especially when you choose higher-quality options. You could even host some full casino nights allowing everyone to bring a guest. Just don’t forget to stock up the bar and maybe brush up on your croupier skills too.

The Hidden Door
What better way to wow everyone than to reveal a secret passage leading to the coolest man cave ever? Hiding the entryway behind a nondescript canvas or bookshelf or even a large wall mirror is the epitome of cool, albeit unnecessary features. While it doesn’t exactly serve much of a purpose except for the initial reveal, a secret passage is enough to awaken our inner-child mind, almost offering you and your guests the feeling of being somewhere you shouldn’t be. Having a secret hideout was always the dream for many kids back in the day, and now you can bring that dream to reality with a simple conversion of your man-cave door. Don’t forget to let it blend in with the surroundings too. If you’ve chosen a bookshelf door, for example, surround it with identical bookshelves and if you’ve got the know-how, consider even linking a specific book to the door handle, opening the shelf with an iconic pull of a book.

Entertainment Hub
What is a man cave without some form of entertainment centre? The chances are, you’re going to want a big TV complete with extras to serve as a focal point for your room. Whether you’re planning on hosting movie nights or watching weekly episodes of your favourite TV shows, a big home cinema screen complete with a stellar sound system is perfect for this. You could even add some game consoles for some gaming nights and run some tournaments, or it can simply serve as some background entertainment while everyone is busy playing on the game tables or chatting. You can combine your large television with some of your smart lights, too, especially LED light strips, which you can attach behind the screen. Certain LED strips like this can be linked to your TV screen, changing colour to match the shades on the screen for extra immersion. You can add some neon signs that are great at creating an awesome atmosphere in your man cave. Check out some custom signs made by Neon Mama

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