5 clutter-free gift ideas for parents

At Christmas, the focus of a parent is fully on ensuring their children have a magical time and all loved ones receive thoughtful gifts. Parents of more than one child will also find that by Boxing Day every spare corner of their house is filled with opened presents – toys, clothes, games and more.

So, what about them? Chances are, they probably don’t feel the need to add to the present pile. So how do you go about buying thoughtful and useful clutter-free gifts for parents so that they get a treat too?

We understand it can be tricky to come up with ideas when there’s so much else to think about, so we’ve compiled a list of the best clutter-free gift ideas for parents.

1. Experience gifts

The perfect no waste, clutter free gift is an experience. You can choose from so many options – hotel or spa breaks, afternoon teas or special meals, days out wildlife spotting, museum tours or even enjoying a river cruise.

There’s a wide range of choice when it comes to experience gifts for parents, you’re sure to find something they’ll adore. Pop a bow on the envelope and a thoughtful note inside with the voucher and you’ll ensure you’ve added a sprinkling of something special.

2. Gift cards

We know this can seem impersonal if it’s just been grabbed from the supermarket in a last minute panic – but if it’s for a genuine, thoughtful reason, a gift card can be exactly what the recipient wants and needs.

Do they love a coffee and slice of cake after the school run occasionally? Why not treat them to a couple of trips? Maybe they’ve been saving up for something big like a new appliance or even a dream trip. Contributing a gift card or cash towards the cause will be truly appreciated – accompany the gift with a heartfelt letter and you’ve found the ideal clutter-free pressie.

3. Consumable presents

Whether they have a favourite coffee, tea, chocolate or even alcohol, a consumable gift can be great for avoiding clutter as there’s already a designated space for these things in a home. Plus, if what you give them is their best-loved thing to eat or drink, it certainly won’t be around for long!

You could even inject an extra layer of thoughtfulness by creating a hamper of their favourite consumable items. Cheese and biscuits, gin and tonics, ales, chocolates, tea, coffee and biscuits – whatever it is, they’ll enjoy eating and drinking their way through the gift and then have a hamper to store their children’s new Christmas toys at the end of it all.

4. Head online

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digital, a gift that they access online could be the ultimate clutter-free present. This can be anything from buying them a bundle of online yoga classes, to talks or lessons on a topic they’re really passionate about.

A simple card with the details of their gift and how they use it will produce very little clutter, too – perfect.

5. Memberships or subscriptions

A membership or subscription can also tie in with a digital gift – do they love books or movies or fitness? Getting them a subscription to an online service or an app is a fantastic way to avoid clutter but also cater to something they really enjoy (and can carry on enjoying long after Christmas).

Maybe they love a certain magazine or newspaper? Getting a subscription to a weekly or monthly publication that they will read and recycle could be perfect. You might even want to combine the consumable gift idea with this and get their favourite coffee or wine delivered each month.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your gift ideas for parents this year. Clutter-free doesn’t mean what you choose has to be lacking in thought – get the formula right and you’re on the right track for a perfect present.

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