5 Best Interior Door Styles


Interior doors play a significant role in complementing your interior designs and adding charm to your home. Many people take the process of choosing the interior door very lightly. Whether choosing interior doors for their new home or old home (during renovation), most people do not put in the effort to pick the right one that suits their interior design theme well. Considering only the durability factor, they fail to add charm to their home. However, what if you can still get stylish doors with more extended longevity at an affordable price that enhances the overall aesthetics of your house? Also, contact Quest Hardware specialist supplier to the joinery and carpentry industries helping our customers to make something amazing

Isn’t it worth thinking about?

Yes, indeed you would! The current market is flourishing with many door types with varied styles, colors, and sizes. Therefore, here are the five best interior door styles that will help you elevate the beauty of your house and make a strong first impression to your visitors:


1. Panel Doors


Panel doors give your house a more elegant and attractive look. According to your specifications, it can be custom-made by having two to twelve panels. The most common trending doors are the four-panel doors. It is cost-effective and suits all sorts of interior design themes. You can paint or stain and add glasses to add richness to your door. Because of the eco-friendliness and denseness of the door, it cancels exterior noise, provides privacy, and restricts accidental damage. The durability of the door is very high. In addition, the maintenance cost of the panel doors is meager compared to other forms of doors.



2. Pocket Doors


Pocket doors fit perfectly for minimalistic space. An average full-swing door opens to a radius between 2 ½ feet to 3 feet, and you need to keep free space around 10 sq. ft. for comfort. However, if your rooms only have a smaller space, these full swing doors cannot be the right fit. Therefore, using these pocket doors can be user-friendly and give you some space. These pocket doors work like sliding doors. There will be an open space inside the wall for sliding these pocket doors. It will have a one-side roll that slides back the door inside the open space in the wall. Thus, it gives your home an elegant, convenient, and attractive look without taking much space. You can use these pocket doors for bathrooms, laundry rooms, or closets.


3. Bi-fold Doors


Bi-fold doors, also known as folding doors, give a versatile look to your home. Bi-fold doors have plenty of different styles, configurations, and designs suitable for all kinds of interior designs and unconventional layouts. Depending on the space and style of your home, you can set the folding option inward or outward to add charm to your home. Then the most significant advantage of having Bi-fold doors is that you can fold only a couple of doors and leave the rest closed for privacy purposes. These doors are suitable for laundry rooms, bedrooms, kitchen pantries, and balconies. Using the bi-fold doors in the balconies increases the natural sunlight and fresh air circulation inside the house. This door type is popular among people because of its streamlined look.

4. French Doors


French doors give a classic and stunning look to your house. You can use it for both interior and exterior doors. The French doors are primarily made with horizontally extending glass panes. The glasses on the French doors allow the natural light to enter in, give a pleasant atmosphere, and make people experience the beauty of your house through the natural light. You can add additional access points to your home to create a rich and spacious environment that allows people to walk comfortably and relax during social gatherings and parties. If you are really seeking comfort and style, then French doors will be your ideal choice. It is highly durable and restricts cold air during winter and thus, reducing your heating bill. You can use these French doors to give a dramatic touch to your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and dining.

5. Frameless Doors


Your interior will be more stylish with a frameless door. Since it does not require an architrave or framework around the door, they blend effortlessly with the wall and give a seamless look to your house. Considering the doors’ shadow gap frame, the frameless doors need to be planned during the home’s planning stage. After fitting these frameless doors, paint the doors with the color you have painted your wall or give wallpapers to add attractiveness. You can use these doors for your bathroom or the rooms you wish to keep hidden.



The style of the interior doors is crucial. It relates to your interior design theme and gives a sense of charm that gives a great impression on your visitors. Instead of using one single type of door throughout your home. You can be creative and use different types that suit your interior designs and add a classic look to your home. The above five interior door ideas will surely bring an elegant look suitable for your interior theme and all types of bespoke designs. A beautiful interior door will enhance the design of your home. Choose your door wisely.



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