4 Top Voice Over Predictions That Will Dominate 2021

If you are an avid marketing geek, you may have seen a pretty apparent trend in 2020. Voice overs have dominated media for over two years, established a strong demand in the market for attracting customers and selling products. As home assistants like Google Home and Alexa are becoming an additional family member in every home, industry enthusiasts are doing everything that they can to find where the latest trends are leading to.

Whether you are browsing voice over trends to predict a future for your business or you are simply interested in the topic, you have landed in the right place. In this article, I am going to highlight four top voice over predictions that you should be looking forward to as they will dominate in 2021.

Freelance Work Is One the Rise

A key trend that could be statically seen in 2020 will be carried into the next year as freelance work is going to take over most of the in-house jobs for voice overs. With agencies seeking more range than ever, the voice over industry has responded to the current digitalization by giving a preference to the freelance artist for the work. It is predicted that more than 60% of the job for voice actors will be advertised online, and freelance workers will be given preference.

Voice Overs Will be Used to Connect With a Wide Demographic

Voice overs have always been a very critical factor in digital media and are regarded as one of the most creative components. A report suggests that there will be more demand for e-learning with growing needs for different dialects and accents. More than 75% believe that a good voice over is critical to the project, while 80% of people believe that a voice over helps increase information retention in the target audience.

Human Voices over Synthetic Voices

When it comes to man vs. robot, there are some things that a robot isn’t simply able to capture, and a voice over is one of them. Not many how advanced these robots may become, they will never be able to convey emotions through words. So, synthetic voices are not regarded as a suitable alternative for a human sound, which is why people still prefer to go for a female and male voice over artist. Despite the growing use of technology, 2021 isn’t going to bring any substantial change to voice over or replace the human voice.

Equal Pay for Equal Work in the Industry

A trend that has been pretty distinctive with the voice over industry is the fact that it has supported an equal if not greater number of women for the jobs. Last year, there was a popular demand for female voices, and by 2021, it is predicted that women and men will have nearly equal opportunity in the voice over the industry with the same pay. Depending on the business sector you belong to, you can use both the voices to attract your customer base and market your products in the best way possible.

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