4 Smart Hacks To Be Better At Word Games

Are you looking to up your word game skills? Whether you’re playing Scrabble, Words with Friends, or some other variation, these hacks will help you win more often. By understanding the mechanics of the game and using a few simple tricks, you’ll be able to beat your opponents more easily. Let’s get started!

1. Memorize the two-letter words

Memorizing the two-letter words will give you a huge advantage when playing word games. These are often the quickest way to add points to your score, so it pays off to know these words by heart. Also, many of these words can be used to set up bigger words, giving you even more points. Perhaps you can even come up with a mnemonic device to help you remember them more easily! Just make sure you don’t forget them when it comes time to use them.


2. Look for high-scoring letters

In some games, certain letters are worth more than others. Knowing which ones they are and looking out for them when creating words will help you get more points each turn. 

For example, in Scrabble, the letter Z is worth a whopping 10 points! Therefore, you can take advantage of the scrabble word finder to find words with this letter. If you can, try to add this letter to your words for a guaranteed boost in points. It will be worth the extra effort!


3. Check out alternate spellings of a word

It’s always possible to get more points by using an alternate spelling for a word. Instead of going with the traditional spelling, look for other ways you can spell it. This works especially well if you have letters that are worth more in the game. For example, the word ‘color’ is worth more points than ‘color’.

On the other hand, you could try to find words that are phonetically similar to the one you want. This technique is especially useful for games like Words with Friends, where there’s a greater variety of letters available. Feel free to experiment with different spellings to see what works best. 


4. Use all seven tiles each turn

One of the best ways to be more successful at word games is by using all seven of your tiles on each turn. Don’t just focus on creating one big word that uses as many letters as possible; instead, think of different words that you can add together to get more points. For example, if you have the letters ‘e’, ‘h’, and ‘t’, instead of making the word ‘the’ (which would only score three points), you could make the words ‘he’ and ‘tea’ for seven points total. This may seem like a small amount, but it adds up over time and can really give you a boost in the long run.

To conclude, these four smart hacks will help you get better at word games. Memorizing two-letter words, looking for high-scoring letters, checking alternate spellings of a word, and using all seven tiles each turn can give your scores a boost. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try and see how much you can improve!

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