3 Steps to Create the Perfect Playlist for Your Pub

A lot goes into making the pub business a success. You need to take care of many aspects – the kitchen, menu, the way you brand your business’s image and so on.

While a wall that is artistically painted with your logo or the beermat packaging printed with your brand, kept on the bar shelves, can take care of advertising, you should also look into ways of making your guests feel more welcomed.

What we mean to say is while the beermat packaging with your logo can take care of imprinting your business’s face into your customer’s mind, you should also take care of creative ways to keep ‘em customers coming. One way to make them feel more ‘one’ with your pub space is by playing the best playlist that there is!

We’re here with the rescue – the perfect article to make the best playlist for your pub, so let’s get started!

Step 1 – Licensed Music or Royalty-Free Music: What to Choose?

To make your customers groove to your chosen playlist, you need to select one – licensed or royalty-free.

Royalty-free music is the generic melodies, more popularly known as elevator music. Naturally, this kind of music can get boring in a pub where people are spending relatively more time.

On the other hand, licensed music is the popular tracks with lyrics, the chart-toppers with record label ownership. Think of the music by Taylor Swift, RiRi, Doja and Harry Styles and you’ll understand what we mean.

So the obvious choice is to choose licensed music to keep your customers grooving. It can keep your customers engaged and happy – an eventual goal, isn’t it?

Step 2 – Planning a Different Playlist for Each Part of the Day 

The best way to play all the right songs during each part of the day is by looking at the target audience.

Let’s break it down –

  • Lunch Time – lunchtime is generally when the millennials are looking to have a quick bite with their colleagues and friends, so it is best to play something that is loud and has a danceability aspect to it. Choose to play the popular songs to make them happy, groovy and attached to your space.
  • For the Perfect Date Spot – your place becomes the perfect date spot only when the music is romantic PLUS identifiable. Your music list can easily break the ice between the awkward couple; imagine the potential it has to strike a conversion between them regarding the similarity in music choices – it is a deal-breaker in a relationship, don’t you think?
  • Family Dinner Spot – during the hours after the sun sets, it is time to make sure you make families feel comfortable and welcomed. An apt music choice therefore can help you in this case.

Step 3: A Platform Where You Could Find The Playlists 

Now that you have a certain idea about the kind of music you want to play, you need to find a platform that can support you to play them. The obvious ones are – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and so on.

However, make sure to understand the rules for commercial use of these music apps before using them in business, to avoid any future legal trouble.

That said, we have a few additional tips for you; suggestions that might help you in the long term of your business

  1. If you have a themed pub, the music should align with it. For example, if you have a Mexican vibe-ish pub, the famous song – Camila Cabello feat. Daddy Yankee – “Havana” (Remix) should help you bring authenticity to your place.
  2. Repetition of songs is an absolute no-no for at least the first five hours. However, change this according to all the time slots during the day.

Over to You…

Working a business in the F&B industry is far more challenging than you could imagine – the timely menu updates, frequent events and days with no customers can make or break your morale.

It is important to study, understand all the aspects of it, listen to the latest media trends and get all caught up with what works to run your business.

Music being an important part of the pub business, we think you should give it prominent attention and importance, treating it like it deserves to be – a total customer magnet!


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