3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Just Any Bouquet for Mother’s Day


While we should celebrate our mothers every day, we do have the chance to show our gratitude at least once a year. So, what do you plan to do on Mother’s Day this year? Have you planned something special? Are you going to make her a delicious cake? Or maybe you’re the kind of child who simply shows up with a bouquet of flowers and sees their presence as enough of a gift.

In most cases, a mother will be happy to see her children, especially if they are scattered around the world. However, whether you’re on the other side of the world or live in her basement, your mother does deserve at least a beautiful arrangement of flowers for Mother’s Day!

Yet, it’s important to put some thought into the type of flowers you offer her and avoid getting a few random flowers put together by a florist. Here are a few reasons why your mother deserves a special bouquet, even when you can’t make the trip to see her in person.

#1: She Can Tell

You should already know your mother’s favourite flowers by now! So, if you don’t make an effort and try to include her favourites, she will know you were in a hurry and forgot to pay attention to the little details. 

On the other side, if her favourite flowers are not in season, you can at least put together a bouquet using her favourite colours. Show her you think of her by creating a beautiful arrangement that caters to her preferences.

#2: She Likes to Feel Special

Remember all those times when your mother was there for you and helped you overcome a broken heart or a major disappointment?

Our mothers are amazing and selfless when we grow up, so we need to step up and make them feel special at least on Mother’s Day. Gifts and flowers are one way to do so, but it’s important to find something that only speaks to her. 

For instance, if she had a book she liked to read you until you fell asleep, you could create a themed flower arrangement that reminds her of those days. Those moments are dear to her heart and it would make her feel truly special to know that you cherish them as well. 

#3: She Wants to Hear You Say It

Flowers sure are a nice gesture, but nothing beats a gift that says “I love you, mom”! So, when you put together the flower bouquet, add a beautiful card with a message from the heart. Or, you could give her a journal with pictures from your childhood (maybe recreated now, when you’re all grown up). Or, you could take a different approach and show her you love her by taking your mother for a nice day out.  

Overall, it’s important to let her know you keep the memories she made with you, her children, close to your heart. Oh, and do say “I love you” more often!

Wrap Up

Mother’s Day is and should be a special day for all mothers across the globe. However, the reality doesn’t always align o what it should be. However, if you can make a difference for your mother, then the world is a better place for it!


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