3 Reasons Distance Learning is Right for You

3 Reasons Distance Learning is Right for You


Distance learning is an increasingly popular method of education, it allows students to gain qualifications without attending a traditional campus. The history of distance learning dates back to the correspondence courses of the 1800s, but has of evolved with the digital age.

Of course, during the pandemic, all universities were forced to deliver online learning, however there are providers that have been providing this service for decades and have perfected the art of distance delivery.

If you’re looking to advance your education, then here are just three reasons why distance learning could be the perfect choice for you.


  • Set Your Schedule


With distance learning, you’re not tied to set lecture times. Instead, you can set a study schedule that suits your individual needs as a student. This makes distance learning a perfect fit for everyone, however it has enormous benefits to parents and mature students.

In fact, both the flexibility and remote nature of distance learning means that you’ll have much more time on your hands, particularly but completely cutting your commute from the equation.

For workers, the average commute is almost an hour every day, and if you don’t live on campus, a university commute may not be far off this. However, if you choose distance learning instead, you can repurpose your commuting time to more valuable activities… or even a lie in!


  • Variety of Courses


You might be thinking that distance learning won’t suit you as you won’t be able to complete the same courses at the same level that you would at a traditional university.

However, not only can you study courses at the same educational level, providers such as Anglia Ruskin University offer more vocational courses that let you gain practical experience to further your career.

Whether you’re looking to advance a career in education, business management, or health and social care, the expert tutors at ARU will help you develop the skills you need to succeed.

The various levels of education offered via distance learning, from foundation degrees to postgraduate qualifications, mean that you’ll be able to find the perfect avenue to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.


  • Earn While You Learn


The structure of the traditional university setting often means that students can only work part time, often making this impractical if they need to supplement their student loan, or don’t qualify for one at all.

However, the flexibility of distance learning means that you can earn while you learn – either in the career in which you are currently working to advance your knowledge of education, or in a previous job you’re eventually looking to move on from.

In fact, when you already work in the same field as the course you’re undertaking, you’ll have the opportunity to start applying your learning from day one.

Have you completed a distance learning course? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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