2019 predictions and innovations for UK casino industry

2019 is set to be a big year for the UK casino industry with new casinos popping up everywhere offering players all sort of bonuses and big jackpots. Last year saw some changes in this industry and we expect some new innovations to start appearing as the year goes on.

Tax effects
You can’t talk about the UK casino industry without referring to the taxes that have recently been announced for the coming year. This is set to have a big effect on the industry in terms of the bonuses that are going to be on offer as casino operators decide to make some changes to save paying huge amounts of tax. With the FOBTs being cut and new online gaming taxes being introduced later this year, we predict that casinos will move towards offering free spins rather than no deposit cash.

Virtual reality
The idea of virtual reality in the UK casino industry is thrown around a lot but it is yet to become present in the mainstream casino games. We predict that this gaming innovation will soon start appearing on some of your favourite online casinos like LuckyAdmiral. Virtual reality is getting closer to becoming accessible for games providers to incorporate into their designs. Look out for this technology appearing later this year.

Gambling commission
Recently developments in the UK casino industry suggest that 2019 is going to see a lot more fines for casino operators who aren’t following the rules. This means that TV adverts will start to be monitored a lot more and fines for those that are misleading players will start being given out a lot more. The UK Gambling Commission takes this very seriously and casino operators need to see this and prepare themselves for 2019.

Live games
Last year, live casino games became a lot more popular on a lot of casino sites. This is something which we predict to become a lot bigger and more common in 2019 as more casinos take advantage of this technology. We also expect the quality of these live streamed games to improve as innovations improve and more people start to enjoy them. Look out for some of the big sites offering professional-looking live games that players are sure to love in 2019.

Focus on mobile
Our final prediction for the UK casino industry in 2019 is that there will be much more of a focus on mobile gaming. While many sites already have their own mobile sites, this is expected to increase this year. We expect more casino sites to launch their own apps to make playing on mobile devices smoother and these will be a hit with players. With mobile technology improving so much, casino sites are expected to have this feature. Those that don’t allow for mobile access will fall to the side in 2019 as other casinos lead the way.

Final Verdict
2019 is going to be a very exciting year for online casino sites and operators. With the advancements in mobile and live casino technology, the UK casino industry is constantly climbing and raking in profits. We should note that the government will be clamping down and casinos should be careful with how they present their offers to players. Overall, new innovations are set to make playing on online casinos a lot more exciting for players who want to win big this year.

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