Why is the National Lottery still so popular?


Do you remember when the National Lottery first started in the UK? Scarily enough, it is due to celebrate its 30th birthday in a few years – making more than a few of us feel old. However, what is all the more impressive is the fact that the game is still going strong to this day. Under the guidance of Camelot, Lotto has added and removed all kinds of chances to win over the years.


The National Lottery is just about everywhere. People have evolved different habits and quirks while playing, too! Some people go so far as to signing up at Lotto Lovers, while others keep hold of the same numbers for years on end. It has become part of the culture, really!


But what is it about the Lottery that keeps it so popular in modern times?


Most people know about it


You will be hard pushed to find someone older than 18 who hasn’t heard of the National Lottery in some form or other. YouGov published a poll that found 95% of people in the UK at least know of the brand, and 57% of those actually support it.


That is a pretty strong presence to say the least! In all fairness, whether you watch TV soaps or head into the newsagents every now and again, it is highly likely you are aware of the games. That has, of course, only helped to build take-up over the years. Their advertising is nice and simple, and the good causes the Lottery supports have helped to keep their profile high.


There is a variety of games


The National Lottery started with its basic ‘Lotto’ game all the way back in 1994, and for a time, it was the only game available to bet on. It is hard to believe, but before Thunderball, scratchcards and the ever-present, gargantuan EuroMillions, we only had one game to play.


The variety of games that have grown in number over the years has likely helped to keep the Lottery in the minds of many. If you don’t want to play the main game, there are twists and variations, with different prizes.


Of course, you pay a different price per line on the varying games, but that is generally in return for a shot at a bigger prize. Speak to any Lottery enthusiast and it is likely they will have their own go-to game to tell you about.


Will Lotto hold its popularity?


Some people play bingo. Some go paintballing, visit museums, or even run up mountains. Others, meanwhile, have the odd flutter on the Lottery. It is likely to continue being a firm part of our culture for many years to come, whether or not you are a player.


It is amazing how quickly some things become institutions – and for as long as Camelot continues to give back to charities, it is likely Lotto will still have a firm place in many people’s hearts.


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