10 Best Cinemas in Dubai 2021

Regular visitors and commercialists often get bored by exploring the same things again and again. Are you the one who wants to spend their business trip weekends more thrilling and exciting? Here is a great idea for bringing joy, thrill, entertainment, and suspense at the same time. Do you wonder HOW? Well! You can avail yourself of a bundle of joy by watching movies in cinemas.

No doubt you can watch movies in your apartment and even in your car. But just think about the scene when you are sitting in front of a big screen in a dark room and enjoying a suspense horror movie with popcorn in your hands. Obviously, it will be a hell of fun. There are many cinemas in Dubai where you can watch a number of movies. If you are on your honeymoon trip, what else can be more romantic than visiting the cinema!

Here are the topmost cinemas in Dubai that you should visit during your Dubai tour in the year 2021. Also, to make your trip extraordinarily convenient, you can rent a car from any professional rental company.

1- The Pointe

The Pointe is a spot teamed up for almost 3 reel cinemas. You will be amazed to know this cinema is working with the collaboration of US TV Chef Guy Fieri. It depicts that you can also enjoy dinner and meals while watching a blockbuster movie on the screen. This exclusive cinema having a large screen with a dine-in option is located in Palm Jumeirah Dubai. No need to worry if it’s far away from your residence, you can rent a car from a Dubai car rental company to easily go to this cinema.

2- Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a popular cinema located on the Dubai beach clubs. People often tend to visit this cinema during the winter season to watch classical movies. If you love to view classical movies in the fascinating al fresco setting, we suggest you visit this cinema with your family. You have to buy a ticket for Dhs 50 for watching classical on-screen shows. The most admiring classical on-screen movies were Home Alone, Top Gun, and Jaws that were displayed in this cinema.

3- Roxy Cinemas La Mer

Roxy Cinemas La Mr is a wonderful place for relaxing. Exploring the La Mer destination located on the beachside is a dream of almost every tourist. People often get tired and want a shade on the sunny beach. How can you get shaded areas on the beach? Well! Despite spoiling your trip by getting shade under a tree, we suggest you visit the Roxy cinema of this destination. You will surely enjoy the blockbuster screen shown in a cozy, dark room while having snacks like popcorn, burgers, and other dine-in options.

4- Novo Cinema

Shopping lovers also get tired sometimes while doing so for consecutive hours. If you are going to Dubai for the shopping of your destination marriage, you must need some recreational sources to keep yourself fresh. When you feel stressed about not getting something perfect in Ibn Battuta Mall, you can visit its fantastic Novo Cinema. You will forget all the worries by entering into this seven-star screen cinema. This cinema has big chairs, blankets, and pillows to relax your nerves to prepare you for shopping again

5- Urban Outdoor Cinema

Urban Outdoor Cinema situated in the Habtoor Grand Resort is the most comforting source of recreation in Winter. You might be thinking about why only in Winters. The answer is sitting in the outdoor cinema will give you two in one benefits in winter. Yes! You will be able to keep yourself cozy by the sunshine along with the on-screen thrilling movie. Moreover, this outdoor cinema also provides food bags having fruits, snacks, and juices as the refreshment for guests.

6- VOXs Cinema

Despite all other necessities of life, Dubai shopping mall also comes with great recreational activities for you and your family. VOXs cinema is an amazing cinema present here with the dine-in options. So, if your kids can’t live alone at home and irritate you while shopping, no need to worry. Just drive your vehicle with your family and drop your kids in the cinema. Your kids will surely enjoy animated movies while eating popcorn and chocolates, making you feel relaxed while shopping.

7- Snow Cinema

Snow Cinema is another fascinating outdoor cinema located in the middle of Ski Park Dubai. It’s one of the best places in Dubai to enjoy family movies. No doubt the park remains open every time but you can enjoy the cinema shows at 4 different times. You will not freeze if you want to enjoy your movie on a cold night because cinema chairs will have a blanket for keeping guests warm.

8- Cinema Akil

Cinema Akil is also considered a Funland for adults. Whether you want to watch a classical, adventurous, suspense, crime, horrifying, or a romantic movie, you can watch it by getting your seat. This fascinating interiorly designed cinema was established in 2014 with 133 seats. Whenever you visit the UAE, you should rent a car and rush to this cinema. Besides watching movies, you will also be served with chili cheese toastie and Karak chai for only Dhs 52.50.

9- Souk Amphitheatre

Souk Amphitheatre is a marvelous cinema that offers discount deals on special occasions to tourists as well as residents. You will be amazed to know that this cinema remains open without any fee and ticket in the last days of December. Yes! To celebrate the happiness of Christmas together, you will be welcomed freely in this cinema. So, never miss the opportunity of enjoying a free movie show in the cozy environment during your winter trip.

10- IMG Worlds of Adventures

Have you ever been an adventurous person whose mom always warms him about horrifying things? Well! You are going to refresh your memories by visiting IMG Worlds of Experiences. Never miss the chance of watching a thrilling movie or enjoying an adventure in the cinema of 4k laser projection. You only need Dhs36 for refreshing your adventuring childhood memories. We suggest you hire a motor from Cheap Car Rental Dubai company to get your seat before the filling of all 360 guests’ spaces.

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