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What Kind of Art Can You Create Using Only the Internet?

Art created using the Internet is commonly described as digital art. Artists are leveraging technology to make art in the most creative thinking ways. Digital art ranges from a wide variety of selections from sculptures, videos, photos, and illustrations on paintings and drawings. Digital art could be presented in the present, or some artists could go all the way virtual or in an online environment. Creating art digitally opens a wide road to so many aspiring creatives. The Internet does not limit you to having physical materials; therefore, it creates seemingly endless possibilities to produce the best art. Let’s explore what kind of art you can create using the Internet only. 

Video Art and Vlogging

The Internet presents endless opportunities for filmmakers and Vloggers to produce, edit, and share their video content through the Internet. The Internet enables this video distribution as well as some editing features to create good quality and engaging video content. Videos are not as appealing without a bit of background tracks. In a Vlog, most content creators showcase their daily activities. Therefore, in a part when they are walking to the mall for their weekly shopping, including a background track makes it more engaging and anticipating to see the next bits of the Vlog. Video content creators can easily utilize tools that generate AI music tracks to feature them in the background of their videos as a major breakthrough in the digital era revolution and use AI to streamline the art creation process. The Internet has enabled all these processes to occur in as little time as possible. 

Digital Animation

Animation has gained popularity in all industries, in entertainment and businesses, too. Graphic designers are using the Internet to create digital animation techniques by combining objects and graphics to craft an animated video. All these processes are exclusively computer-based. They can be created in either three-dimensional (3D) or two-dimensional (2D) animations. The Internet has also enabled the creation of motion graphics, a form of digital animation that has audio and motion or rotating graphics in action. Digital animations are mostly utilized in the commercial sector as they are visually pleasing and they can easily convey useful information in some evolving environments. 

Digital Painting

Digital painting could be a lot more similar to traditional painting, but this time, technology is involved. Digital painters use computer software, graphic tablets, and stylus pens. One example of such computer software is Adobe Photoshop. For you to create a digital painting effectively, you must have traditional knowledge of carrying out physical painting. This is because you have to have the ability to operate the stylus pen as it acts like a traditional brush or a pencil. With these tools and a reliable internet connection, you are able to execute an illustration and showcase your painting techniques using a software program while the screen acts as the digital canvas. The Internet has enabled digital paintings, which are seemingly cost-effective and fast to complete as compared to traditional painting methods. 


Cryptoart represents the combination of art and blockchain technology. Crypto art is a sub-ecosystem of the cryptocurrency community that aims to permanently archive digital artworks like albums, paintings, awards, and more. To preserve this crypto art, the artists use non-fungible tokens that are featured with a monetary value on them. To succeed in crypto art and reservation into the non-fungible tokens, the art must be rare, a credible artist, and in high demand in the collector’s market. NFTs are effective as they help artists prove ownership of digital art in a wide platform, such as the public blockchain. Non-fungible tokens are changing the view of real-world objects in virtual worlds and metaverses. Cryptoart enables art trading, revolutionizing the art market.

Meme Art

The world has become depressing as everyone tries to find some form of happiness in the digital world. The good news is that the Internet is enabling the creation of satirical and humorous memes that keep people entertained on various social platforms. Meme art has gained popularity as it is constantly brought into the gallery setting, elevating it as a legitimate form of art. Funny captions are edited within funny faces to create a sense of humor that relates to all ages. Meme art is categorized within pop and street art. Meme art provides a form of social interaction and humor creation on the web.

3D Sculpting

Internet ability is trying to emulate the creation of traditional sculptures through 3D Sculpting. There are similarities in both Sculptures, but the digital ones use digital blocks as clay to pull and push into the desired sizes and shapes. Digital Sculpting can be refined with texture or by smoothing out the parts that appear rough. The Internet offers some free programs for helping with 3D Sculpting, like the Zbrush open-source software.

The Internet enables the creation of digital art that consumes less time to complete and saves on costs. Internet-generated art has been gaining copyright ownership, thus making it an authentic form of art. In some forms of art, you must refine your skills to help you create the best art. 


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