The Ultimate Checklist for A Night Out Clubbing 

There is no denying that a night out with friends is always a blast. From enjoying delicious drinks and dancing the night away to having half-sober heart-to-heart talks in the early hours of the morning, the beginning of the night may start with everyone looking glamorous and feeling excited. But as the night progresses, it usually doesn’t stay like this. 

Whether you are going for a night of dancing with your closest friends or to the local bar for a catch-up with old-school friends, stocking your bag with only the necessities will ensure you have a fun and stress-free night out while still having enough space to fit your favorite SMOK vape.  

Card Holder

Your go-to purse may be too big to fit in your clutch, but having money for a night out is essential. But when the night starts, it is easy to go overboard and spend more money than you may have in your budget. 

To help you stay within your budget, it is worth carrying only one credit card and one debit card. Limit yourself to using just one, with the second card acting as an emergency backup should you need it. Furthermore, having a small amount of cash that can cover a taxi or Uber home should be carried in a safe and secure place to ensure you get home safely at the end of the night, no matter what. 

Drink Cover

NightCap has developed a clever and incredibly important product that allows people to stay safe while out partying for the evening. Their reusable drink cover serves two important purposes. Not only does it prevent your drink from spilling and causing a mess, but it also completely covers the open top of it, preventing people from spiking your drink with dangerous pills or powders. 

The cover has a small hole just big enough to fit a straw, and stretchy nylon allows it to fit most cups and glasses. It can be purchased in a scrunchie that easily slips onto your wrist or in a pound that doubles as a keychain. 

Mini First-Aid Kit

When you hear the term ‘first-aid kit,’ you may be thinking of a full-stocked bag you need to drag around while out and about. Instead, you should pack a small collection of plasters, a mini bottle of wound spray, feminine hygiene products, and a couple of painkiller sachets, which can be tucked away in your purse should you need them. 

You can never quite predict how your evening will turn out. Whether your new killer heals causes blisters on the back of your ankle, a friend unexpectedly starts her menstruation cycle, or you accidentally take a tumble on the sidewalk, having the necessary materials to patch up any minor incidents can significantly improve your overall experience. 

Portable Charger

Regardless of what you plan to carry in your bag for a night out, you should always prioritize the space for a small portable charger and short charging cable. Nothing is more frustrating than your phone dying when you are out, and you may need to contact trusted friends or family should you end up somewhere unexpected or unsafe. 

In case of an emergency, having a fully charged phone is essential. It is difficult to rely on strangers or bartenders in the club or bar you are in, and with modern-day chargers becoming smaller and smaller, they are easier than ever to fit into a small bag or coat pocket. 

Individual Wet Wipes

You never quite know what the bathrooms in any of the clubs or bars you choose to visit will look like. They may lack sufficient toilet paper, proper cleaning, or handwashing liquid, which is impossible to avoid should you need to use the bathroom at any point. 

While nothing can compare to the cleanliness and safety of your bathroom at home, packing a handful of individual wet wipes can provide enough opportunity to make the bathrooms usable. Furthermore, you can use them to clean any surfaces you may want to use, wipe your hands, or clean door handles you would prefer not to touch. 

Mini Make-Up

If you have spent hours getting ready, perfectly applying your makeup, and styling your hair, there is nothing more disappointing than catching a glimpse in the mirror and seeing your hard work fading. 

For easy and fuss-free touch-ups while on the go, pack two or three mini versions of your most used products that you can whip out as needed to keep your look stylish and cute throughout the night. Lipstick, concealer, and a small, foldable hairbrush will be more than sufficient to keep your look fresh. 

Hangover Pills

DrinkAid’s hangover pills are a fantastic addition to your night-out necessities. Created to protect you from the unwanted side effects of alcohol consumption, they provide a wide range of benefits, including mitigating nausea, controlling skin flare-ups, and reducing flushed skin. The product is formulated and backed by science, with the company guaranteeing you will feel at least 50% better the next day. 

Taking the pill before you start drinking will help to prevent queasiness and headaches and improve your overall alcohol tolerance. However, should you forget, take the pill once you have returned home to significantly reduce the risk of hangovers and help your body sober up quicker. 


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