The rise of online bingo in the UK

When you think of Britain, a few things might come to mind: the accents, cups of tea no matter what the circumstances, football, and bingo. Bingo has been part of the tapestry of Britain like no other country.

There were over 1,000 bingo halls at the height of the golden era, and while there are only 600 left, online bingo on sites like 888ladies bingo in the UK are booming.

But what is it about online bingo, which has 75% of online UK players playing at least daily?

The early days of bingo in the UK

Bingo first hit the UK from travellers and the servicemen in the Army and the Navy. Although we call it bingo now, it was originally known as housey-housey or tombola. Churches used to host bingo evenings for fundraising long before there were any dedicated bingo halls.

In the early 60s, huge buildings that were once used as cinemas were turned into dedicated bingo halls – and from that moment, they spread all over the UK. Bingo halls were especially prevalent in seaside locations where people would go for vacations.

Through the 70s, bingo became a weekly staple in the lives of millions of people, more specifically, working-class women. It was an activity that brought together people to relax, socialise and hopefully take home some winnings.

Bingo was something that people could play at dedicated bingo halls, church halls, working men’s clubs, and holiday resorts – it was available everywhere.

Over time, the jackpots got bigger until big bingo brands were doing huge, shared jackpots across multiple venues. The winner could be taking home hundreds of thousands.

Online bingo hit the market in 1996, but without good internet access, computers and smartphones, many people stuck with the land-based option.

The digital revolution

Although online bingo was available in the late 90s, people were still heading to bingo halls. Over time, in 2005, computers became common in homes, as did the internet. Smartphones soon followed.

But it wasn’t until 2014 that the number of land-based bingo halls started to heavily reduce in number. Around 75% of land-based bingo halls had closed or relocated to a smaller venue. Suddenly, online bingo wasn’t just something people wanted to dabble in; it was becoming the go-to option.

Big bingo brands launched online bingo, so their members had the option to play online, and hundreds more bingo websites popped up.

The biggest impact of technology and digital came around the same time. Smartphones meant that bingo websites and many other websites could create apps. The game was now right in the hands of the player. And while the first bingo apps were a far cry from what we have now – they sparked the beginning of gaming on the mobile phone.

Why have people switched to online bingo?

What bingo has managed to hold on to, whether it is played on a mobile phone, a desktop or in person – is the feeling when you have one number left, and you are waiting for it to be called. Unlike land-based bingo, though, online bingo is cheaper, faster, and much more convenient.

Bonuses and promotions

Land-based bingo halls often put bundles together so members could play multiple games for a set price. While this was money-saving, it is nothing compared to the options available online.

Online bingo offers bonuses regularly to increase how much players have to play with. For example, you might want to top up your account with £10; a code will give you some cash on top. Promotions like matching your deposit and giving you a select number of games for free. Free daily games and more.


While the prospect of hanging out with friends and dabbing numbers on a sheet is a welcome change from being at home, the times that bingo halls are open aren’t always convenient. One of the biggest reasons people in the UK play online bingo is that it is ready when you are.

It is possible to play 1p tickets any time of day you feel like it. Online bingo is as flexible as you need it to be, and what’s more, you can play it from your couch in your pyjamas if you want to.


There are a few different variations of bingo, and they are all available online. From speed bingo to regular 90 ball bingo, it is all possible. But that isn’t where the variety ends. There are more themed games than you can shake a stick at. And, for many themes, there are special bonuses and prizes too!

As well as the main bingo game, many bingo websites also offer mini games like scratch cards and slots as you play. When you select the auto dabber option, your game is managed automatically, leaving you free to play some side games. Of course, you should always listen out for the moment you have 1tg!

Bingo and Britain have long been friends, and with more variations and better themes and tech, the UK’s love of bingo is only growing.


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