The Ins and Outs of Choosing the Best Diamond Cuts Around: Expert Suggestions to Try

Assessing an in-depth diamond buying guide can be a lifesaver. Shopping for a diamond isn’t easy for people who lack experience, after all. Thankfully, paying attention to a handful of expert suggestions can go a long way. If you want to be able to choose the best diamond cut out there, you should try various tips without any hesitation.

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How to Choose the Finest Diamond Cut

If you want to make a diamond cut purchase decision that will give you confidence, you should consider a handful of important things before doing anything. Knowledge is power. People who aren’t equipped with ample knowledge about available diamond cuts quite naturally won’t be able to make suitable purchase decisions. If you want to feel positive about your diamond cut selection, you should take the time to get acquainted with any and all of your options first. Some shapes of diamonds are traditional and therefore appropriate for folks who like things that are timeless and enduring. Other shapes of diamonds are decidedly more unconventional and therefore appropriate for those who appreciate things that are comparably quirky and noticeable. Only you can determine what specific style of diamond cut fits your character and aims the best.

Round Diamond Cuts

Are you a fan of the previously mentioned timeless appeal? Check out round diamond cuts. The round cut has the distinction of being the most beloved shape on the globe. It’s been in existence since all the way back in 1919 as well. Since it offers 58 single facets, it has brilliance and fire levels that are unrivaled. People who love shimmering diamonds frequently flock to round cuts.

Asscher Diamond Cuts

Asscher diamond cuts may be a strong choice for people who love nostalgic and retro atmospheres. This cut is square and has corners that are clipped. If you adore diamond cuts that are eye-catching and intense in feeling, you may want to try this one out. It’s been a favorite since its introduction back in 1902. It was created by namesake Joseph Asscher.

Princess Diamond Cuts

Princess diamond cuts provide updated charm. Despite that, they still give off a somewhat timeless sense of “cool.” If you gravitate to shapes that are squarish and angular, then the princess diamond cut may be right up your style alley. This cut has been a biggie in the diamond arena since its 1961 debut. This diamond highlights facets from 49 to 144 total, fascinatingly enough. A tinier diamond may have 49 facets. A bigger diamond, on the other hand, may have an impressive 144 facets. If you appreciate diamonds that are amazingly brilliant and radiant, you should research this category without any reluctance.

Emerald Cuts

Emerald cuts are staples in the realm of diamonds. The emerald cut possesses a rectangular shape. Beyond that, it possesses lengthy and slender facets, too. What do these things entail, anyway? Emerald cuts cannot compete with the sparkle of princess or round cuts. In spite of that, they wow people with lengthy, intriguing light flickers. If you want to get your hands on a diamond cut that has been a favorite since the middle of the Art Deco era, you should study this group.

Marquise Diamond Cuts

Marquise diamond cuts, last but definitely not least, can do wonders for people who adore intense vibes. If you like the idea of a diamond form that’s tapered in a noticeable manner, you should check out this category A.S.A.P. This cut basically is oval. It has ends that are pointy as well. Marquise options can be excellent for individuals who are all about pure intensity. They emit a somewhat royal charm, too.


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