The Influence of Vintage Rock Band Merchandise on Fashion Trends

Whether your favourite vintage rock band is The Kinks, The Jam, The Small Faces or The Stones, there’s a way of wearing their merch that is both reverential and fashionable. Indeed, vintage rock band merch is currently hugely popular in some fashion circles. To find out more about this, check out our post below, where we look at some of the most popular vintage rock band merch, what it means, and how to style it!

Vintage Rock Band & Concert Tees

History Of Vintage Rock Band And Concert Tees

OK, let’s start with what has become one of the most recognisable types of vintage rock band merchandise – the Band tee! Band tees have long been a hugely popular type of fashion, and there are two key types to look out for. The first is a concert tee. By wearing a tee specific to a concert or a tour, you can show your devotion because it proves you were there (or at least have good enough taste to know what you are wearing is seriously cool and get you kudos!)

The second is a band tee, which, instead of referencing a specific gig shows the main band or, in some cases, the album logo. People tend to wear these to show their love for the band, and they could (and still can) be bought at live gigs from the merch stand.

Famous Examples Of Vintage Rock Band And Concert Tees

It is worth noting that while back in the day, you would have needed to see such a band live to get your hands on this type of merch, this is no longer the case. Instead, because of the internet, band websites with merch sections that sell items all year round, and collaboration with fashion retailers, it’s often possible to get a band or a concert t-shirt without having to attend a live gig.

For example one of the most famous band t-shirts of all time has to be the black RUN DMC shirt with white lettering and red stripes. A staple of many people’s wardrobes, not everyone wearing it will have seen them live.

Similarly, the Iconic Rolling Stone T-shirt with the lips and the tongue sticking out is a garment reproduced over and over again, and chosen to wear by those with an edgier look to symbolise their rock and roll nature.

How To Style A Vintage Rock Band Or Concert Tee

One of the great things about band and concert tees is that they are so easy to still. Pair them with jeans and trainers for an instantly cool and casual look. Additionally, there is a huge trend for customisation of such shirts, including cropping them, shredding tassels into them, and adding holes, and additional wear to get a truly grungy look. Indeed, the latter can work particularly well on a new band thirsty when you are trying to give it a more authentic vintage look.

Vintage Rock Band Pins & badges

History Of Vintage Rock Band Pins And Badges

Much like their counterparts at the merch booth, vintage rock band pins have been a hugely popular type of merchandise for a long time now. Indeed, enamel pins or badges were often sought out as a treasured keepsake of a specific concert or tour, with some fans preferring them to t-shirts because they lasted longer, and could be used in a wider variety of ways.

Examples Of Famous And Iconic Vintage Rock Band Pins And Badges

Again much like the vintage rock band t-shirt market, there are two main types of pin badges to look out for. The first are genuine vintage pins from the era in which the band that produced them was active. While most are still reasonably priced and can be found on specialist vintage sites as well as sites like eBay, some can be worth a pretty penny, especially to superfans and collectors. An original Grateful Dead pin from 1967, for example is valued at around £200-300, while a badge of the drummer from Kiss goes for around £400!

The other type of vintage rock band pin badge that is more freely avoidable are modern reproductions. These types of badges can be got from makers on sites like Esty and eBay and come in just about every ‘flavour’ of band there are. They are a super cheap way of upping your street cred and showing your love for any vintage rock band from the Beatles to the Who.

How To Style Vintage Rock Band Pins And Badges

One of the best things about vintage rock band pin badges is that they are so easy to style. First of all, you can style them effortlessly by adding a single one to the lapel of vintage jackets for some extra kudos and flair. Another option is to group many badges from the bands you love together on either an overcoat or a bag to show your loyalty and love. Indeed, many people like to add their collection of badges to their backpacks or messenger bags as a sign of identity and as a way of being easily recognised by other vintage rock band fans in the community.


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