The Benefits of Laughing & Live Comedy

Ever had one of those deep-belly laughs that just brightens your entire day? Everyone has, and it’s human nature. Laughter has been a cornerstone of human connection since the dawn of man. And live comedy? It’s an experience unto itself. 

It turns out, laughing isn’t just about feeling good in the moment; it has some real life benefits too. 

The Science Behind Laughter

What really happens when we laugh? It’s not just a weird noise we make when someone cracks a joke. Let’s break down the nerdy bits. 

When something’s funny, our brain releases endorphins. They’re our natural mood boosters.

Thanks to these endorphins, laughter literally makes us feel better, brightening our outlook. As well as the mental workout, laughing works out several muscles, especially in the abdomen. Plus, it gives our heart rate a slight bump. It’s a health boost without even trying. How many calories you burn while laughing is probably negligible but there is no doubt there is an overall positive feeling after a good lol session. 

5 Proven benefits of a good laugh 

  1. Stress Be Gone!

Laughing decreases stress hormones. So, next time you’re feeling the pressure, find something to giggle about!

  1. Boost That Immunity! 🛡️

Yep, you read that right. Laughing can actually help your body fight off germs. Who needs vitamins when you’ve got a good joke?

  1. Less Pain, More Gain.

Endorphins from laughing act like natural painkillers. Got aches? Maybe what you need is a comedy binge.

  1. Heart Health Hero. ❤️

Laughter helps your heart by improving blood flow. It’s like cardio but way more fun!

  1. Mind Matters.

Feeling blue? Laughter can ease feelings of depression and anxiety. Think of it as a little sunshine for your soul.

  1. Social Superpower.

Laughing brings people together. It’s like an instant bond. Friends who laugh together, stick together!

Why is Live Comedy so good?

We’ve touched on the health wonders of laughter, but there’s something singularly captivating about live comedy. Laughing is a social thing best experienced with others. 

100% there is a collective energy in a room full of laughter, It’s the atmosphere that makes it special. The buzz you get when there is a room full of laughter. Everyone’s on the same wavelength, and it’s exhilarating.

Live shows are unpredictable. Crowd work is off the cuff and often the best bit of the night. Comedians might change things up, reacting in real-time. Every show feels fresh. It’s also a good way to deal with hard facts. Comedians often tackle current issues or shared experiences. It’s a unique lens on today’s world. It’s often easier to broach these topics with humour. 

That in the room feeling creates a direct link between the comedian and audience? It’s tangible. It feels personal, intimate even. Live comedy isn’t just about the jokes; it’s the atmosphere, the people, and the memories you take with you. 

For local comedy listings check here

Live Comedy VS Comedy on the screen 

Intimacy of Live Performances.

There’s something irreplaceably raw about live comedy club experience. . Every pause, every glance, every impromptu jest—it’s all happening in real-time, right in front of you. That shared laughter with strangers around you? It forms a brief yet unforgettable bond. There is nothing like a live London comedy club for a belly full of laughs or an LA venue joke-fest to put a smile on your face. 

The Comfort of watching at home.

On the other hand, there’s the familiar comfort of screened comedy. Whether it’s a Netflix stand-up special or your fav sitcom, there’s a sense of predictability and control. Pause, rewind, rewatch – the experience is tailored by you. Plus, who doesn’t love laughing in their PJs?

How To Have More Laughter Your Life

So we know it’s good for you, and by its very nature laughing is fun. How do you get more?

Start by tuning into that hilarious podcast during your commute or diving into a comedy series before hitting the lights. 

But don’t stop there. Seek out your local comedy shows. Whether it’s a big time comedian or a local circuit comedy show, there’s an unmatched energy to live performances.  

In our chaotic lives, laughter is that underrated remedy, readily available and free of charge. So, as we sign off, let’s pledge to giggle a little more, to find humour in the everyday, and to remember: a day filled with laughter is truly a day well-spent. Here’s to all the future lol’s! 🎉🤣

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