The Benefits of Gaming PCs: Why a Gaming PC is the Best Choice for Gamers

Before these gaming consoles and mobile gaming, there were only gaming PCs. With time, people switched to gaming consoles and mobile gaming. One could argue whether mobile gaming is the best or the console gaming option, but nothing can beat the experience of a desktop gaming PC even today. That’s for sure!

In this article, we will cover the advantages of using a gaming PC. We will also highlight the best gaming PCs and explain why they are still the best option compared to others.

Benefits of gaming PCs

  1. Gaming PCs are upgradeable.

PCs are upgradeable; you can replace parts without having to change the machine. The parts are separately purchased and connected individually to the motherboard. When it comes to a console, there are many replacements you would need to make in case something doesn’t work right.

  1. Gaming PCs are compact and powerful.

Gaming desktops are far more powerful than consoles; this is the reason they run better games as well. A gaming console would be a mini-PC with a lot of storage space, but that design has some drawbacks. A console is like a minicomputer that can hold multiple things, but it certainly isn’t as powerful as a gaming desktop.

  1. More Games.

Games are created with gaming PCs in mind. Later, they are developed for consoles and mobile gaming. It takes time for the developers to create their console or mobile versions. Hence, you will find more games on PC.

  1. Better Graphics.

The graphics you will see in desktop gaming are next-level as compared to a console. The use of an excellent graphics card produces graphics up to 8K resolution. Another thing is the frames per second, or FPS. In gaming PCs, there are a greater number of frames per second; this gives a smooth picture quality and great graphics. A higher FPS gives an 8K resolution experience.

  1. Easy Repair.

Gaming PCs are easier to repair due to their modular design. In gaming desktop PCs, parts like RAM, hard drives, and graphics cards can be easily plugged into the motherboard and would not require a replacement, whereas otherwise in a console, one would need to send it for replacement or repair.

  1. More Control with the Mouse and Keyboard

We think anyone will agree that a mouse and keyboard give more liberty to control than a controller. It is essential for competitive play that the gamer has liberty over gaming controls. Often, gamers are looking for ways to incorporate the keyboard or mouse into their gaming consoles for greater accessibility and experience.

  1. PCs are versatile and multi-purpose.

Gaming PCs can be used for almost anything within the digital realm. You can scroll through the internet, stream music, watch movies, do your business work, create illustrations, and whatnot. This goes well with gaming consoles as well; however, they have limitations and do not provide the experience that a gaming desktop PC provides.

Best Gaming PCs

Now that you know the benefits of gaming PCs, let’s jump into some of the best gaming PCs that you can buy for yourself.

  1. Lenovo Legion Tower 5i

For our first pick, we have the Lenovo Legion Tower 5i. This compact gaming PC by Lenovo is specifically designed for the gaming community. It has a 10th generation core processor and 6 GB of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super for a comfortably smooth 1080p gaming experience. It provides a great 4K experience.

There are dual storage configurations. With a traditional hard drive and an SSD drive for the operating system, the benefits multiply. It offers larger storage capacity and fast boot-up times. There is 256 GB of PCIe SSD storage that works at lightning speed. This is a great pick from the Lenovo series for a gaming PC.

  1. ASUS ROG Strix GT35 G35CG Gaming Desktop

By far, the ASUS ROG Strix is thought to be the best gaming laptop that ASUS has made. It is specifically targeted at the gaming community. The 2080 Ti and the 10-core i9 processor make running smooth. The 10-core processor runs at full speed with sheer graphical complexity. The build quality as well as the performance of this device are brilliant. The Aura Sync accents and Keystone II technology expand the customization options, allowing it to truly become the ideal machine for every gamer, with quick access to a variety of useful functions. Comprehensive cooling enables the high-level, sustained performance required for heavy gaming and multitasking.

With space for as much as 128GB of high-speed DDR4-2933 RAM, there’s plenty of room for multitasking. There are innumerable hassle-free connectivity options as well.

The ASUS ROG Strix GT35 is a great workhorse you can invest in.

  1. HP OMEN 25L – GT12-0048na Tower Desktop

The HP Omen 25L is another brilliant gaming PC. It is a midsize modular tower gaming PC and offers plenty of support for aftermarket accessories and hardware. The power supply of this PC is optimal for gaming purposes; the 80+ Bronze Efficiency 500W Cooler Master PSU comes with plenty of power for demanding AAA games.

It has a strong 10th-generation Core i5 processor and a graphics card. It provides great storage with a 256 GB solid state drive (M.2 SSD) and 1 TB of Serial ATA (SATA). When it comes to graphics, it has the Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU and an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, which makes the HP Omen 25L a capable gaming machine. You can run 1080p games with a high frame rate per second. You will even get a good 4K gaming experience at 60 frames per second. You will find Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5 as wireless connectivity options.

All in all, this is a good option to consider if you’re looking to buy a gaming desktop PC.

  1. Medion Erazer Engineer P10 Gaming Desktop

The Medion Erazer Engineer P10 gaming desktop has an RTX 3060 Ti GPU, which provides massive gaming power. You will see a fast 1 TB Phison SSD with a powerful and versatile 12th Gen Core i7 processor. The processor delivers next-level performance with up to 4.9 GHz clock speed with Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology and a 25 MB cache. The Hynix’s 16 GB of built-in RAM gives ample memory to run the latest games or applications.

The 8 GB GDDR6 NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti Graphics utilize NVidia’s latest Ampere architecture, which delivers game-changing performance and power efficiency. There’s no lag or visual tearing, and one can enjoy games like PUBG and Call of Duty with great graphics.

The integrated Game Bar in Windows Home 11 allows you to take screenshots and record and broadcast game footage. The latest Intel WiFi 6 AX201 802.11ax Gigabit WLAN is integrated, allowing for connectivity on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with max speeds up to 2.4Gbps. The 5.1 Bluetooth technology provided by the card also allows connectivity to various accessories. In our opinion, this is a great gaming desktop PC.

Bottom Line.

Gaming PCs are, without a doubt, more flexible and customizable than mobile games and game consoles. You will find more pros to a gaming PC over a console. Trust us on this: You will find the best experience that gaming PCs have to offer.

We hope this article was helpful to you and that it will also help you decide on the best gaming PC to enhance your experience. Have a great day!


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