Should I choose wooden or metal stair spindles for my home?

Spindles are an essential safety and decorative feature that make up part of your balustrade, and come in a range of materials. But which material is best for you: wood or metal?

The experts at Stair Crazy delve into the advantages and drawbacks of wooden and metal stair spindles to help you determine which is more suitable for your hallway.

Deciding which spindle material is best for my staircase?

The following considerations should help you to establish which stair spindles you should invest in when revamping your staircase:

1.    What home decor style are you aiming for?

Firstly, the most important point to think about when deciding between metal and wooden spindles is what your home aesthetic will look like.

Industrial styles and ultra-modern decors can benefit from sleek metal stair spindles, which come in a stunning range of shapes. From contemporary squared designs that create the ultimate style feature in modern homes, to simple bar spindles that offer a subtle elegance, there’s an array of options to choose from.

Timber spindles, in particular oak, are perfect for a variety of homes – from modern new builds to traditional aesthetics, oak never feels out of place. This building material can be carved into many different styles, including chamfered, squared and twist.

Other wooden spindles include those made from pine, which offers a rustic feel.

2.    Are colour options important to your vision?

If you’re looking for an infusion of colour, wooden spindles may be the most suitable option for you. Timber stair parts such as oak and pine can be painted to match your desired aesthetic, whether you want a clean white finish, or quirky turquoise or contemporary grey.

However, metal stair spindles provide a variety of metallic tones and colours which exude a unique and stylish feel. Chrome, iron and steel all offer a different appearance, with chrome being much lighter than its darker counterparts.

3.    What’s your budget?

Affordability may be a factor in deciding whether wooden or metal spindles are the correct choice for your home. If you’re eager not to break the bank, pine spindles are ideal  – this is due to how readily available this softwood is.

White primed timber is another budget-friendly choice that doesn’t compromise on quality! This type of spindle is already painted white for instant fitting.

Oak and metal spindles tend to be pretty evenly matched in price, due to their sheer quality and manufacturing/preparation costs. However, your investment will be worthwhile due to the lifespan these two materials offer, and the lack of replacements you’ll need to make.

4.    Is longevity important to you?

Whilst softwoods such as pine do offer a great level of resilience, they’re not as durable as metal spindles or hardwood alternatives.

Oak and metal stair spindles are certainly built to last, with both providing exceptional levels of durability and robustness. Although they’re both strong, metal spindles edge it in terms of pure strength.

However, oak never goes out of fashion, which means you’re more unlikely to switch them out if you decide to redecorate down the line.

Ultimately, both timber and metal spindles offer their own incredible benefits, it’s just a case of weighing up which is better suited to your aesthetic and pocket!


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