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Rammstein Stadium Tour: Tales from The Metal Band’s Diary

Musical entertainment has taken another form since Rammstein came into the metal music industry. The German band has been on the road since 2019 for the “Rammstein Stadium Tour,” entertaining their fans scattered across Europe and North America.

In the course of their journey, they’ve managed to put out an outstanding performance for their fans, creating a long-lasting memory in the hearts of everyone who has attended their concert before.

One thing with people is the fact that, when it’s sweet, they’ll ask for more, especially when they know there’s plenty from whence it came. That’s why you don’t show your kid the box of cookies, and give them just 1 piece. They’ll surely ask for more.

It’s the same thing with Rammstein’s concerts. Sure, kids aren’t allowed to attend their concerts, but the adults who do, usually come back for more. That is why the stadiums are usually filled up, and tickets to their concerts are hard to get.

We will be looking at the German band’s diary since the beginning of the tour, to highlight some of the amazing moments they’ve recorded. Before that, we’d like to recommend an alternative tickets marketplace as the best option to get Rammstein tickets in the meantime.


The Unstoppable Journey Begins

As with every tour, the very first step to starting the journey is laying off the foundation of the tour. This can be in the form of words shared by mouth or in written form, but generally, an idea shared with valuable members.

For Rammstein, the journey of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” began long before 2018, even though they only informed their fans of the tour on the 2nd of November, 2018. This announcement came shortly after they had just finished touring some countries in Europe, and the United States for the “Rammstein Festival Tour.”

After the announcement, Rammstein shared a couple of teasers with their fans through their official social media channels, with ticket presales kicking off on the 5th of November, as seen in their diary.

The tickets were met with unprecedented demands, with some venues in Europe selling out within hours of availability. Thus, the beginning of the unstoppable journey for Rammstein.


Life on the Road

Attending Rammstein’s concert for the first time will have you wondering how they managed to transport their equipment to the stadium, and on time for the concert.

Most of the equipment used by Rammstein is customized, so it is hard to just find these kinds of equipment lying around for rentals. The fact that no show has ever been delayed due to equipment malfunction means that Rammstein and their touring team are closely working together to ensure success in the tour.

Life on the road can be tiring, but the team’s motivation seems to be unshaken as they ride on to conquer city after city within Europe, even with the fact that some of the team members have to travel long hours by road to meet up with the others, bringing the necessary equipment needed in each Rammstein concerts.


From City to City

“Rammstein Stadium Tour” started on the 23rd of May, 2019 and ever since, Rammstein has been visiting different countries in Europe and North America, and then different cities in the European countries they’ve visited again.

In 2019 when the tour began, the band started in Germany and went to Spain. They spent a day in Spain, and went to Switzerland, spending a day there as well, and then they went back to Germany.

The band’s movement has been this way since the tour began, and they are in the last year of it. Although currently on a break to resume on the 11th of May, the band will still go back to Germany this year on the 15th of May, which is after they have done 2 days in the Czech Republic.

While in North America for the 3rd leg of the tour, Rammstein visited 7 cities in the US, for 7 days. This means that their touring team had to set up the stadium from city to city for 7 good days and just a night’s concert in each city.


Stage Stories

One of the craziest things about Rammstein is their stage design. It breathes fire while they perform, and it’s crazy when you see it for the first time. This is aside from the fact that it is a giant metal structure that looks like a transformer.

How they manage to set up the stage makes you wonder. Research shows that the Rammstein touring team makes use of 7 days to fully prepare the stadium for a concert. In those 7 days, setting up the stage takes 3/4 days.

To then think of the acts that are performed on that metal stage will hang in your memory for a very long time. You may end up chewing on one of their performances to figure out how they do it or how they came up with such an idea in the first place, without getting anything solid from your mind.

But, that is just one of the things that make Rammstein exceptional in the world of metal music and extraordinary in the world of live performances.

The German band has gone beyond what people define as the ordinary and has crafted the extraordinary in their performances. One of their terrific performances was when Till Lindemann cooked Lorenz in an act for “Mein Teil.” Scary, but amazing, and beautiful to watch.


Connecting with Fans

There have been videos showing when Rammstein meet and greets their fans backstage. The German band has been praised for their humility and modesty, even with the fact that they are considered gods of Neue Deutsche Härte, and industrial metal music in Europe.

Their amazing career records didn’t make them forget who they were first identified as, and that is humans. That is why they take time to engage their fans intimately whenever they can, even amidst their performances.

Most of their performances are fan-centered, and it creates a special kind of connection between them.

The ‘Pus*y’ Cannon performance is one such performance where Till Lindemann shoots the fans standing at the foot of the stage with confetti-like cannon balls. The position of the fans showed they were in the moment, waiting for Till Lindemann to shoot his cannon, loving the moment more when it happened.


The Aftermath

The aftermath of every Rammstein concert since the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” began is always marvelous. Fans don’t leave the stadiums immediately, as there are encores to be performed by Rammstein.

Aside from that, fans also take their time to meet new people and make new friends. People also try to make friends with Till Lindemann after the show. Most of them try to keep it cool with their interactions, but some of them freak him out as they go the extra mile to get noticed by him.

Amidst the quest for encores and new friends, few people will sit back and reflect on the amazing moments that they just experienced during the concert. For people like that, Rammstein is more than just a band, but therapy.

The shouting, dancing and jumping can be tiring and will surely leave them sweating at the end. But, the experience creates a memory that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. That’s why they always come back for more.

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