Media Mister Review: Is this Social Media Growth Service Legit?

Finding a place to pick social proof isn’t hard. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of social media engagement specialists on the web, all claiming to be the best in the business.

There’s no disputing the potential power and influence of social signals. Pick up a bunch of high-quality engagement products for any social media platform, and it really can be a game changer. Hence, the issue lies in tracking down social media growth company you can trust to provide you with the real thing.

This basically encapsulates my motivation for performing a Media Mister review. They’re one of (very) few social media marketing brands to guarantee nothing but 100% organic growth services from real people.

But does Media Mister genuinely deliver real social proof, and how can they help you grow your social presence?

What is Media Mister?

In short, Media Mister is a social media growth company that specializes in social signals. If you’re not familiar with the term, social signals (aka social proof) refer to likes, followers, shares, hearts, comments, downloads, retweets, plays, views, and so on. Basically, anything you can receive on social media that’s an indication of approval from another user.

Media Mister was one of the first companies of its kind to go into business, having opened its doors over 12 years ago. They cover multiple social media platforms with their services, which are aimed at helping individuals and businesses build a more convincing social media presence.

The idea is that the more social proof you add to your pages and posts, the easier it becomes to stand out from the crowd. Though again, the big difference with Media Mister is the outright guarantee of 100% safe and legit social signals from real people. No bots and no spam, which would immediately give them an edge over similar sellers.

How Does Media Mister Work?

Placing orders with Media Mister is surprisingly straightforward. You make your choice from a long list of social networks, you choose the exact service you want (likes, followers, views, plays, etc.), and you specify how many you need. You then complete the secure payment process (no passwords needed), and they get to work delivering them.

But what makes the difference here is how Media Mister states that each and every social signal delivered comes from an active and authentic user. They’re not generated en masse by bots and handed out by automation – it all comes from real people in the normal way.

Increasingly, social networks are adopting a no-mercy approach to people (and businesses) who try to get ahead with fake social proof. They’re engineered to detect spam automatically and won’t hesitate to take action against those responsible. So, unless the social proof you buy comes from real people in the normal way, it’s really not worth bothering with.

Media Mister Features

Take a look over Media Mister’s website, and certain aspects of their service promise quickly stand out. In particular, there are 10 things about Media Mister that give them a lead over similar sellers in the field:

Engagements for 58 Platforms

The range and diversity of services available at Media Mister are huge. They currently support a full 58 social networks on platforms from around the world, each with dozens of different service packages available.

This is by far the broadest range of any comparable social media growth company in business right now.

Real Engagements

Again, it’s worth emphasizing the importance of quality and authenticity. Media Mister guarantees (literally) that everything they provide comes from a real person in a normal way. It’s stated in simple black-and-white terms that their social signals originate from active and authentic users.

Reassuring, given the risks associated with spam social proof.

Targeted Services

Many (if not most) of the packages Media Mister sells can be sourced from specific regions or demographics worldwide. This can be useful if you target a defined location with your content, as it simply makes sense to buy social proof from the same place. Some services are available from more than 100 locations, which is impressive.

Gradual Delivery

Bucking the trend (and in an entirely positive way), Media Mister does not promise instant or super-speedy delivery. Instead, they promise to add social signals to posts and profiles at a speed that looks 100% organic. Instant delivery of social signals in huge numbers can be a recipe for disaster and is best avoided to stay safe.

Affordable Prices

Take $20 to Media Mister, and you can walk away with 10 different packages of social signals. They have a long list of services available starting from $2.00, which, even for this, are guaranteed legit. There are bigger savings to be made with their higher-end packages, but the fact that there’s so much on offer for less than five bucks is pretty great.

Refill Guarantee

Irrespective of how much you spend, all orders are covered with a 60-day refill guarantee. As the name suggests, this means they’ll refill any of the services you buy that drop within this period. Refill guarantees are offered by some other sellers, but 60 days are about the longest you’ll find.

Money Back Guarantee

Even more impressively, you also get a 100% money-back guarantee on every order. Media Mister’s terms and conditions state that if they are unable to get the job done as promised, you’ll get your money back. A warranty that applies to every purchase – even if you only spend $2.00 on one of their entry-level packages.

Live Chat Support

The Media Mister customer support team can be contacted via live chat during normal office hours. Prompt responses are issued by a bunch of friendly and knowledgeable guys who’ll be happy to guide you through the purchase process if necessary. You can also email them with non-urgent inquiries outside operating hours.

No Password Needed

You don’t need to give Media Mister any of your passwords or sensitive private information to place an order. All they need is your payment processing information, along with the URL of the target page or post. Orders are processed and rolled out and discreetly, with privacy and discretion as top priorities.

Secure Website

Last up, safety and security are held in the highest regard at Media Mister. All transactions are SSL encrypted end-to-end, and their published Privacy Policy is suitably robust. Media Mister isn’t afraid to talk openly about the slightly controversial nature of buying social signals, which makes a refreshing change.

Media Mister Pricing

As mentioned above, the sheer range of stuff you can buy at Media Mister for less than $20.00 is astonishing. 1,000 authentic YouTube views cost $16.00, 500 Instagram followers will cost you $12.00, 250 Twitter followers are priced at $17.00, while 5,000 views on TikTok will set you back as little as $12.00.

You can buy 1,000 followers on Spotify for $17.00, 50 endorsements on LinkedIn for $40.00, or even a full 1,000 Instagram followers for just $20.00.  500 Discord members will set you back $32.00.  2,500 Mixcloud plays cost just $11, and a package of 2,500 Instagram mentions can be yours for $33.00.

This barely scratches the surface of what’s available at Media Mister but gives some idea of the kinds of prices you’ll be looking at. Again, it’s worth mentioning that all sales across the board come with a full refund guarantee and retention warranty – irrespective of how much you spend.

Is Media Mister Legit?

The short answer is yes – Media Mister is legit. There’s nothing about the services they provide or the feedback they have received to suggest anything else. They guarantee 100% authentic social proof from real people, and they back every sale with a full refund guarantee. There’s also a 60-day retention warranty on all orders, so it’s not as if you’ll be wasting your money on social proof that disappears straight away.

Is Media Mister Safe?

Yes – the fact that Media Mister guarantees only 100% real social proof makes it a safe bet. Real social signals (those delivered by real people in the normal way) can be as safe and effective as their organic equivalents. As this is the only type of social proof Media Mister claims to sell, it’s safe to buy.

Pros and Cons of Media Mister

Taking everything that matters into consideration, here’s a brief overview of the pros and cons of doing business with Media Mister:


  • Engagement products for almost sixty platforms
  • A huge range of targeted and bespoke services are available
  • Prices start from as little as $2.00
  • Full refund guarantee on every order
  • Initial retention warranty of 60 days
  • Responsive customer support via live chat


  • No free trials or product samples are available

Media Mister Reviews: Final Verdict

In short, I’d definitely recommend Media Mister to other social media users. Given the huge range of $2.00 options available and the promise of a full refund, if things go wrong, they’re definitely worth a shot.

The findings of my own evaluation pretty much mirror those of most other Media Mister reviews doing the rounds. Put the pieces together, and it’s practically impossible to throw shade on how Media Mister does business.

Even if you’re not completely convinced, you can give them a shot for two bucks and still get your money back if things go wrong. Or you can reach out to them directly for clarification of what they do and how they do it before spending a penny.

Particularly when held alongside social media growth companies selling the same kinds of products, Media Mister has more than its fair share of plus points.

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