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There are times when assembling furniture can be difficult and time-consuming. But FlexiSpot has created a Recliner chair that is simple to assemble with the Lotus XC6 recliner. Many thoughtful features combined with an easy-to-follow assembly process allow the chair to be put together quickly. It is simpler to identify and assemble because of the neatly packed contents and the meticulous wrapping and labeling of each component. Those who are afraid of complicated assembly or who have little to no experience building furniture will find this especially helpful.

The FlexiSpot Lotus XC6 can be turned to face either way and reclines. Three colors are currently available: light gray, orange brown, and cream beige. The chair has a rocking function that allows for light to medium rocking back and forth in addition to its 360° rotation. This guarantees a customizable sitting experience.

The Lotus name for the XC6 series comes from the way the unfolded sofa resembles a lotus flower. The name “lotus” means “fruit of forgetfulness” and refers to the Greek myth that eats it causes one to feel happy, content, and forgetful of sorrows. This suggests that XC6 can have the same effect on a user lying on it. Lotus land is a metaphor for the land of comfort; after a demanding workday or long study session, XC6 can be a comfortable place to be.

With its premium foam fill, this recliner provides ergonomic support for a variety of sitting positions, including sideways, crossed legs, and upright. Our recliner also has broad armrests with plush padding that provide additional support for your shoulders and arms.

FlexiSpot would like to extend an invitation to everyone to attend their Brand Day Sale event from May 13–May 17, 2024! There will be a ton of fun activities and special prizes for both members and non-members to enjoy! On May 13 and May 17, starting at 10 a.m., be the first 20 orders to receive a complimentary order. To find out more about optimizing your workspace for optimal comfort, productivity, and wellbeing, visit their website.


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