How to Make Most of Canadian Train Trips

You can take several scenic train trips to visit Canada, which has a long history of rail travel. Even though there is no direct route from the United Kingdom to Canada, there are several other essential routes. Although the trip from the UK to Canada can be lengthy, it is an exciting adventure that gives travelers the chance to explore a new land and culture. It is difficult to decide what is the best train trip in Canada because all of them are among the best train trips in the world.


In this article, we have discussed the various routes a person can travel from the UK to Canada hassle-free and enjoy the trip.


Routes To Travel from The UK to Canada


  • Train trips are available across Canada with VIA Rail Canada, including the well-known transcontinental route from Toronto to Vancouver. You may fly from the UK to Toronto or Montreal and then take the train from there to get to Canada.


  • A luxurious train that travels across Western Canada and provides breathtaking vistas of the Rocky Mountains is called the Rocky Mountaineer. Flying from the UK to Vancouver and taking the train from there are both options.


  • You may also travel the rail from London to Paris and then from Paris to Marseille, where you can board a cruise ship bound for Montreal or Quebec City. You might catch the railway from there to go to other regions of Canada.


  • As an alternative, you might fly from the UK to several Canadian cities before taking domestic rail trips. Flying to Toronto, for instance, and then taking the train to Ottawa, Montreal, or Quebec City are some examples.


These are some of the best canadian train trips that are offered throughout Canada. Whichever you decide, you will undoubtedly be enthralled by Canada’s diverse landscapes and natural splendor.


Important Things to Note Before Travelling from The UK To Canada


  • Flights: Flying is the most popular mode of transportation between the UK and Canada. Compared to flights to Montreal, flights from London to Toronto or Vancouver take about 8 to 9 hours. Additionally, direct flights are accessible from other UK locations including Glasgow and Manchester.


  • Customs and Immigration: You will pass through customs and immigration when you arrive in Canada. Your passport, any relevant visas or permits, and any other paperwork needed for your stay in Canada must be prepared. It’s advisable to be patient and give yourself plenty of time for this procedure because it can take some time.


  • Currency: The Canadian dollar, which differs from the pound sterling used in the UK, is the official currency of Canada. You may use an ATM to withdraw Canadian dollars or swap your cash at banks or currency exchange agencies.


  • Climate: Depending on where you are in Canada, the country offers a variety of climates. While the east coast, which includes Toronto and Montreal, experiences hot summers and chilly winters, the west coast, which includes Vancouver, has a mild, rainy climate. It’s crucial to prepare clothes suited for the time of year and the destination you’ll be visiting.


  • Cultural heritage: Canada has a rich cultural heritage and is a varied nation. There are several Indigenous languages spoken in addition to the official languages of English and French. There are many opportunities to learn about the culture of Canada through museums, festivals, and other activities, and Canadians are often kind and pleasant.




The trip to Canada from the UK might be lengthy, but it’s an adventurous voyage that gives you the chance to see a new land and culture. There is something for everyone, whether you travel the White Pass and Yukon Route to explore the Yukon’s rough terrain or take the Agawa Canyon Tour Train to see the canyon’s breathtaking splendor. The best Canadian train trips can only be witnessed by travelling in person.


Overall, the Canadian train vacations are a memorable experience that will give you a greater respect for this stunning nation and long-lasting memories.


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