How to Choose the Best Diamond Clarity for Your Budget and Style?

No one is perfect as everyone has their own limitations, weaknesses, and capacities. No one can surpass what the Lord can do. This is also the same with the pieces of jewelry like diamond rings that are available in the market nowadays. Each diamond has its own flaws like imperfect cuts and is not guaranteed to have 100% clarity. This article is all about how to choose the best diamond clarity for your budget and style preferences and also features Rare Carat’s diamond buying guide.

Choosing the best diamond is very important for you to wear or use on your special day like an engagement or wedding day. Having the best diamond includes many factors or important elements to consider like those 4 C’s of a diamond including its color, carat weight, cut, and clarity grade. This article focuses on the things you need to consider for you to have the best clarity of diamond ring you want to have in accordance with Rare Carat’s diamond buying guide.

What is Diamond Clarity?

A clarity grade of a diamond refers to the presence or how many imperfections are there in a particular diamond. These imperfections are commonly called inclusions and they vary as they can be minimal or to the point that they can be visible to the naked eye. They can be external blemishes that are found on the diamond’s or stone’s surface or internal inclusions that can be found within the diamond. The more perfect the clarity grade is, the more the diamond is but if you are satisfied with a dull-looking stone that has more imperfections, then you can save some amount of money but the physical appearance is not that brilliant and beautiful. To know more about the clarity grade based on its diamond buying guide, have time to browse the website and read its informative articles. This is one of their strategies and part of their diamond buying guide so that any reader can learn and have enough knowledge about the smartest thing in buying diamonds.

Knowing More About Diamonds Clarity Grade

Based on the diamonds buying guide at Rare Carat’s website,, there are 6 clarity categories that can be found in any diamond may it be natural or lab-grown diamonds with a total of 11 clarity grades. These are FL or Flawless; IF or Internally Flawless; VVS1 & VVS2 or Very Very Slightly Included; VS1 & VS2 or Very Slightly Included; SI1, SI2, & SI3 or Slightly Included; I1, I2, & I3 or included. For completely blemish and inclusion-free at the same time, these are incredibly rare and very expensive If you can afford to have one, then the best clarity grade for you is the Flawless. IF or Internally Flawless clarity grade diamonds have some very or minimal blemishes on the surface that are hard to see if you are just an ordinary diamond buyer. These IF clarity grade diamonds are internally and entirely inclusion-free. For VVS1 and VVS2, the clarity of these diamonds is all eye-clean having brilliant step-cut. Inclusions are also not that visible wherein inclusions are incredibly microscopic and are even too hard for a well-trained diamond grader to notice using 10x magnification. Blogs and articles about diamond buying guide at Rare Carat helps every reader to understand well the importance of having the right diamond clarity.

Best Diamond Clarity You Should Buy by Understanding on Diamonds Buying Guide

The more flawless the diamond clarity grade you will purchase, the better to best your diamonds are. Any diamond clarity grade from VS1 to FL, these diamonds are eye-clean wherein all those small or little inclusions are definitely not visible to a person’s naked eye. If you can’t afford to have one of those diamonds under those clarity grades since they are expensive, then there’s no other option but to settle on those lower levels of diamond grade. Settling in I1, I2, or I3 clarity grades is not the best option because inclusions in these range levels are visible to your naked eye. To know more about diamond clarity grade and have a deep understanding of this area, learn from Rare Carat’s diamond buying guide based on the informative articles they posted on their website. Rare Carat helps their customer not just with high-quality products having competitive prices and exceptional service, but also want their customers to have enough awareness, concise knowledge, and informative articles they post on their website.


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