Genesis Exchange Review – All You Need To Know About This Brokerage Firm

Genesis Exchange Review

Do you want to begin your trading career with the best platform available today? Well, putting the label of “best” on any platform can be a bit subjective. Different traders have different preferences, so they like different brokers for those reasons. However, when you consider only the most objective trading aspects and features, I think I have the perfect platform for you. I talk about its top-notch features in this Genesis Exchange review.

I totally understand that you might have completely different trading preferences than some other trader, but this broker’s features are quite universal. In other words, I think every trader would at least appreciate the efforts made by this broker. Know more in my Genesis Exchange review.

Education through eBooks and Videos

So, let’s take an objective look at this platform’s features and talk about its educational materials first. No matter what type of trader you are, I am sure you respect the fact that a broker offers you trading education. In other words, rather than losing all your investment as soon as you start, you can learn trading and then begin on the right foot. Genesis Exchange broker offers you plenty of educational material and all of it for free. Just make sure you open a trading account on the platform and you can access these training materials.

Videos and eBooks are great because they can be understood by anyone. Secondly, they can explain the matters with illustrations. Last but not least, they are always there in the academy, so you can revisit and refresh your memory when you think you are forgetting something.

Private Training and Webinars

This is one of my favorite features because I believe you learn trading in the company of those who know how to do it. You can read trading-related eBooks all you want and watch the best videos in the world, but you can’t replace an interaction of a few minutes with an expert with any of those things. The good news is that Genesis Exchange broker offers you plenty of opportunities to interact with expert traders. When you sign up with a trading account, you get a few private training sessions with an expert. In addition to that, you will get the invitation to join online webinars every week or month.

Genesis Exchange broker has made sure that you get to listen to the best trading experts in these webinars. They share their experienced and insights that can help you a great deal with your trades.

One Place for All Trades

The Genesis Exchange trading platform is quite unique in the fact that you can trade all the assets and markets in the same place. In the past, you had to trade forex on one platform and stocks on another. You find them all in the same place when you sign up with this broker. The best part is that there is still no compromise on the quality of trading even when you are in all of these markets from the same platform. Let me tell you that a new market like cryptocurrencies is also in your reach on this platform.

Genesis Exchange trading platform offers you leveraged crypto trading on some of the most famous and well-known crypto coins in the world. The company has also opened doors for you to trade these crypto coins against famous fiat currencies of the world.

Well-trained Customer Support

It’s quite disappointing when you have such an amazing online platform in front of you but such subpar customer support. I have seen this happen in the case of some brokers in the past. However, Genesis Exchange trading platform is a breath of fresh air mainly because of its customer support. It has answered most of your basic trading related questions on the website in FAQs. However, to further help you with your queries, it has a proper customer support department.

The agents working in this department are professionally trained to talk to customers. You can call to talk to them or send emails to get a response in email. They don’t mind calling you back if you can share your contact details with them.

Is Genesis Exchange Scam or Legit?

Some of the top-class features that I always recommend to traders are available on this platform. I only wish more traders knew about this platform. It makes trading enjoyable and is always innovating to make things better. I wouldn’t mind trusting this platform.

Final Thoughts

How much do you believe your trading career relies on the broker you pick? I think the broker has a huge impact on your trading career and that’s why I wanted to write this Genesis Exchange review. I think you will save yourself a lot of research time by signing up with this broker and trading on it. It already takes care of many traders like you on its platform already.

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