8 unique activities in Canberra that you can’t miss this time

Canberra, Australia’s capital city, is full of unique hidden activities. Thus, the city is bound to tug at tourists’ hearts, making them visit repeatedly.

The Australian Capital Territory (Canberra and surrounding land) welcomed 5.68 million visitors in the year ending September 2023!

So, if you’re visiting Canberra anytime soon and looking for lesser-known but cool activities, refer to this guide!

  1. Craft your glass souvenir

Australia’s greatest glass art, design, and crafts center is in Canberra: Canberra Glassworks.

Book a one-on-one teaching session to make your glass souvenir. Depending on the type of souvenir you want, this can be a 20-40 minute class.

Further, check out their wide range of workshops, including glass blowing. Create a unique glass art for your loved ones and surprise them once you return from your trip!

  1. Go on an ice skating date

If you’re visiting with a partner, go on a date at the ice skating rink. If you’re visiting solo, don’t worry—other Canberra dating options exist. All you have to do is look up a classy escort and book before spending a lively day with her.

On your date, hold hands as you help each other learn to skate. It’s even better if you learn a few skills ahead of time and teach her to balance herself like in romantic movies!

To wrap up the date properly, take her out for dinner and drinks. Book a restaurant with beautiful scenery and spend an intimate moment while you enjoy the food.

If you want special attention, discuss things with the service provider and know the limits. Have fun while you treat her like a gentleman!

  1. Explore the fun games in The Truffle Farm

The Truffle Farm is a must-visit if you visit Canberra between late May and early September. It’s popular for professionally organized truffle hunts and cooking demonstrations.

In this, you need to follow their well-trained and friendly truffle dogs as they sniff for truffles on a farm full of thousands of trees. When you find a truffle, run to the shed and learn how to use it.

Later, a chef prepares delicious dishes and pairs them with delectable local wines. This farm is often overbooked, so make reservations fast!

  1. Tour alcohol breweries

Canberra is one of the best places to experience the true joy of exploring breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Explore the farms and learn how they craft the local drinks. Try out a wide range of alcohol paired with the right food.

Identify which one suits your palate the best. If you like any beverage during the tasting, you can even buy a bottle. Some farms even sell alcoholic beverages at discounted prices.

You can choose a tour that conducts smaller, intimate tours for more knowledge and one-on-one interaction with the experts. Alternatively, if you’re with a big group, check for farms entertaining large groups and conduct long sessions so everyone has fun!

  1. Enjoy the city view from Telstra Tower

Telstra Tower, Australia’s biggest telephone company, also offers you a panoramic view of Canberra and the countryside beyond it, both day and night.

It has one indoor observation deck and outdoor observation platforms. The 195.2-meter-tall telecommunications tower attracts most tourists to Australia.

  1. Immerse yourself in Cockington Green Gardens

Cockington Green Gardens is a beautifully decked park with several attractions, including a Waverly Dolls house with 34 doll rooms, a playground, and a picnic zone. Its handmade replicas of world-famous buildings will leave you in awe.

They also offer fun rides on miniature steam trains and free BBQs. You can also get souvenirs for your loved ones from the gift shops.

  1. Quench the thirst of your inner science buff

Canberra is home to some of the best science centers. Questacon National Science and Technology Centre, for instance, offers hands-on workshops for children and adults and more than 200 enjoyable exhibits.

You can also visit the Deep Space Communication Complex, which teaches you about the space with interactive visuals and exhibits.

A patient and knowledgeable guide explains all the details about the exhibits and answers as many questions as you ask, making the visit worth it!

  1. Ride a hot air balloon at sunrise

If you’re an early bird, you can’t miss Canberra’s sunrise. To make this experience even more surreal, book a hot air balloon ride at dawn.

Appreciate the city from above while the balloon gently glides over Canberra’s skies. ReDon’tr will record the amazing sunrise view and the city’s escape!


These activities may not be that common, but they still attract many tourists. So, make sure to book reservations ahead of time to enjoy a gala stress-free time!



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