5 Of The Best Gifts For Beer Lovers 

For beer lovers, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. 

Aside from getting them a few cans of their favourite brew, it can be not easy to think outside the box and get them something more unique. Luckily, we’ve compiled this handy list of the five best gifts for beer lovers!

Whether you’re shopping for a pal, family member or significant other, these gifts will surely please any beer connoisseur in your life. 


#1 Beer Merch 

Beer merch is a fantastic way to give the beer lover in your life something from their favourite brand without settling on a few classic cases of beer they’d get any other weekend.

Many big beer brands have their merch shops, and Scottish brand Tennent’s is one of the most notable – with a large selection of themed clothing, accessories and barware that can give the beer lover in your life something a little more special than a few cans of lager.

Explore the websites of your favourite beer brands to see what they offer. Whether you’re looking for beer-themed hats and scarves, mugs or footballs, there are plenty of unique-themed gifts to offer.


#2 A Home Brewing Kit 

If your beer lover is always searching for the perfect brew, you could consider gifting them a beer-making kit. 

Most beer-making kits contain everything you need to start your homebrew, including the ingredients, equipment and instructions. However, if your special someone is already a homebrew fan, you could consider getting them some exciting ingredients to shake up their typical brew, for example, new hops to experiment with. 

Not only is brewing your beer a fun hobby to give someone, but it’s also a great way to have fun as a team and come up with something you can all try out. Get your friends involved with designing a homebrew label for the bottles, or have a ‘tasting party’ once it’s ready! 


#3 Beer Glasses

Beer glasses can be sentimental objects. We’re not just talking about your standard store-bought pint glass – but something a little more personalised can be an exceptional gift for the beer lover in your life.

You could consider looking on eBay for a glass from their favourite old pub or brewery – something sentimental that will remind them of their old dwellings. 

Or, you could order them a personalised glass! This gift will remind them of you every time they sit down for a pint, making it a great personal gesture.

You could also consider gifting a set of beer glasses that includes an assortment of styles, for example:

Not only will the recipient appreciate the functionality of the glasses, but they’ll be reminded of your gift whenever they enjoy their favourite drink or have people around for a few beers!

#4 A Beer Book 

For the beer lover wanting to learn more about their favourite tipple, a beer book is a great way to offer them some fun reading and exciting new education. 

There are plenty of options for beer books on the market, so it’s a good idea to shop around to find one that best fits your beer-lovers interests. There are books specially designed to explain one type of beer (for example, you’ll find plenty on IPAs) and other ‘beer encyclopedias’ which go over all the different types of beer and how they’re made. 

Some books focus more heavily on tasting, and books focus more heavily on brewing processes. Your choice will depend on what you think that special someone in your life would prefer.


#4 A Beer Subscription Box 

Beer subscription boxes have become much more popular recently. They’re a fantastic way to try a range of new beers from independent and lesser-known breweries and broaden your beer horizons. 

A beer subscription box also makes for a fantastic gift, especially if you can sign the beer lover in your life up for a monthly subscription. It’s the gift that keeps giving – they’ll be delighted when a box of beer shows up on their doorstep every month.

You can also consider looking to local breweries for subscription boxes, supporting your local indies and giving your special someone a treat at the same time. 


#5 Book A Beer Tasting

Sometimes, the best gifts are experiences. Booking a beer tasting is a great way to have fun with friends or family and treat the beer lover in your life to an exciting evening out for their big day. 

Beer tastings are now available at many breweries and pubs, including big breweries like Tennent’s and Innis & Gunn, offering high-quality tasters of various beers whilst explaining how each one is made and how to taste certain notes. Some even include tours of breweries, so you can see how the magic happens.


To Conclude, 

We hope this 5 Best Gifts For Beer Lovers list has helped you develop some excellent beer-themed gift ideas. Remember to keep the person you’re gifting to in mind, and you can’t go wrong!

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