What are the Clear Transparent Boots?

Many people would love to dress right and wear the most amazing clear transparent boots that make them feel fashionable and trendy. During summertime and in winter months, women usually wear these boots to impress other men or their female colleagues.

They can combine their boots with mini skirts and other garments that make her look different than anyone else in the workplace or ballroom. Today we will analyze the best ways to wear such clear and transparent boots, which clothes make a perfect match with them, and what you need to do to purchase them. Stridewise is the perfect place to check these out.

Boots make you look younger!

Most people (especially women) like to wear boots cause it makes them look younger. These boots are usually transparent so that other people can check the inside of their socks and sometimes even take a good look at their bare skin. The boots also let you take a permanent higher posture without having to wear high heels. Their soles are on average 50% higher than those of the flat shoes. That is why many women decide to wear boots with any kind of garment, either skirts or pants.

Another thing is that boots remain a symbol of liberation and freedom. That applies to the people who like the purge culture or female teenagers who want to make their own revolution checking at their perfect music style. Boots are always an excellent way to express your feelings towards the world and make you look more relaxed than you ever thought.

You can bet protected from adverse weather conditions

Ther are women who like to wear clear transparent boots in order to feel warm during winter. When the outer temperature falls close to zero, there is no way you can keep on going around with your snickers or loafers. Men and women will eventually turn towards the boots, and designers offer them many incentives to continue wearing them when the weather warms up.

Boots for women always cover their legs up to the knee area and give them enough support to withstand cold when being outdoors. On the other hand, boots have some of the best anti-slip soles you will find in the online market. The soles are made from a quality rubber material with a lot of friction to the ground. In this way, you will never sleep on a slippery terrain no matter how fast or slow you are going.


With more than several centuries of use, the clear and transparent boots are in the fashion trends one more time. People who have retained them since their youth are now equipped with a powerful fashion weapon. But if you are a current teenager without any prior exposure to boots fashion, it would be fascinating for you to explore that part of yourself.

In the past, people who have tried boots state that it was a mesmerizing experience. You only need to find the right pair of boots that perfectly match your feet size and allows you to walk without any physical hardships. Modern boots manufacturers take all precautions to create boots that can give people more satisfaction and less distress. If you want to be fashionable and protected from weather conditions, boots can be the footwear of choice for you. Everyone needs at least one pair to impress his close social environment and stay fancy!

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