Wear these colours to make your eyes pop

Choosing what shades to go for when selecting your outfits can be made a lot easier by finding out what makes your eye colour stand out. Whether they’re green, blue, brown or hazel, there are specific palettes you can choose from to make your eyes really sparkle. Here we’ll take a look at exactly which hues make which colours pop, as well as which tones are the best to take you from day to night.

Blue eyes
Of all the shades to choose from, people with blue eyes can always rely on neutral tones. This is particularly useful as beiges, greys and nudes are easy to carry off and perfect for a low-key day time look. That said, blue eyes can also pop in all shades of pink, as well as deep blues and lighter shades of green. All these colours give blue-eyed people scope to experiment with their look when it comes to both day and night. Think hot pink and fuchsia tones for the evening if you want your blue eyes to steal the show. Take a look at the Givenchy sale for some of this season’s boldest pieces.

Brown eyes
Having brown eyes is a blessing as it’s the one colour which looks great with almost any shade. Pale pinks, rich greens and golden tones are go-to hues for making brown eyes pop. Dark blues also look great on brown-eyed people meaning denim is a go-to fabric for daytime. Think true blue jeans over bleached or washed out styles to give your eye colour the boost it deserves. When it comes to evening wear, shimmering satins in baby pink or pale golds will have you standing out in the crowd.

Green eyes
Green may be the rarest eye colour but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to match them with the right shades. So, if you’re lucky enough to the blessed with green eyes opt for hues of purple, deep green and soft yellow. Coral is also great at helping green eyes to shine making it the perfect summer shade. Think simple shift tops over shorts for the day time and floaty shift dresses for the evening. Alternatively, when it comes to party wear you could go for dramatic forest greens and teals for a look to remember.

Hazel eyes
If you’re fortunate enough to have hazel eyes you have a whole realm of shades at your disposal. As Hazel eyes feature brown, green and blue hues, there are certain tones that can be worn to bring each of these shades out. Dark neutrals will draw out dark brown tones while lavenders will make the green shades pop. Orange hues will also help bring out any blue in your pupil. When it comes to day wear, it’s the pale purple tones which work best for blue-eyed people. The shade is perfect for spring so think cute tea dresses and simple cropped tees. For evening wear, dark greys and silvers will make hazel eyes truly sparkle.

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