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What to wear for that lazy day

Getting dressed up for a night on the town is all well and good, but what about those days where you simply can’t face the outside world. The days where your friends are Netflix, your blanket, and perhaps a Domino’s pizza for good measure. This is what to wear on that lazy day.

Extremely comfortable joggers and a big ol’ jumper

These are staple items for a lazy day. There’s no way you’re wearing anything tight or anything made from denim: this is time for joggers. Adidas, Nike, whatever brand you want, but just make sure you’ve got something that is loose and comfy. Same goes for a big chunky-knit jumper. If there was ever a time for a jumper that you could practically live in, then it’s now. This is the type we’re talking about from H&M.

Just go with pj’s

If you want to up the comfy factor to 100, then it might be the case that pj’s are the order of the day. This is especially a good idea if you don’t plan on having any visitors or even a delivery person to see you. It’s almost a shame that pj’s are designed to be so comfortable, as it makes them even harder to take off, but hey, if you plan on staying in all day then who cares? There are a lot of pajama brands out there, but we like the look of the ones from Folk. The company partnered with mattress company Eve to design the ultimate pj’s, which can be found on this site.

Snuggly socks

There’s no way your feet are getting neglected on a day like this. Comfy feet equals comfy soul. Whether you’ve gone the sweatpants plus jumper route or the pj’s direction, you’ll still need a great pair of socks to complete the lazy day outfit. Give your feet the comfort they deserve and get some cosy socks, preferably ones from Pair Your Socks, so you can complete a good deed of giving to charity and getting great socks at the same time.

Remember, this isn’t a day where you have to care about your hair, your makeup, or an outfit that could make the front cover of Vogue. This is all about comfort and being as snug as humanly possible. We all need those lazy days every once in a while to recharge our batteries and prepare for the hard days ahead. Time to chill out!

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