Vintage-inspired bedroom design ideas

We recently featured a few ideas on how to implement fun vintage themes into a living room. So here’s a look at how to also add a touch of retro chic to our bedrooms!

Unlike being a slave to modern trends, going for a vintage look means that we can choose from a range of designs from our favourite periods to come up with our own distinctive look whilst still having a modern bedroom design.

The joy of shabby chic

There are few ways to revamp a bedroom in such a stylish and cost-effective way as embracing the shabby chic trend. It’s a look that is packed full of pastel colours and feminine touches whilst making full use of distressed furniture for a reassuring sense of past glamour!

The shabby chic ethos often requires you to use a little more imagination than other trends. Whether you’re scouring your local charity shop for the ultimate Edwardian bedside cabinet or are looking to give your dresser a shabby chic makeover, it’s clear that shabby chic is as much a way of life as it is an interior design trend.

Mid-century glamour

But if you’re willing to spend a little more, then the mid-century modern trend could be a good one to try. This striking look makes full use of modernist furniture like boomerang-shaped coffee tables and wonderfully curvaceous chairs to make your bedroom look like it’s the set of an episode of Mad Men.

With such outrageous furniture it can leave little room for a bed. So this is why one of the stylish small-double beds from Bedstar could be a good option – just be sure to accessorise everything with plenty of bold colours like olive, orange and gold for the ultimate in mid century modern decadence!

Victorian style

For those who are looking for true class in their bedroom, then the Victorian look could be a great one to try. Whilst this may be more restrained in keeping its colour palette limited to muted whites, grey and blues, it offers plenty of fun in packing as much chintz into your bedroom as possible!

With plenty of flamboyant mirrors, ornate picture frames, and the possibility of even having a chandelier in your sleeping space, it might not be massively subtle, but it’s definitely a lot more fun than minimalism.

Above all, it shows just how much fun you should be having when you give your bedroom a retro revamp. With the benefits of a good three-quarter bed providing a touch of reassurance, there’s no reason why not to add some vintage love to your bedroom.

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